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I got a commet form I guess the owner. Saying take this seriously I came here to write my life. Like, my books. && maybe I dont want my stuff to be taken seeriously..Im 13! half the crap I say isnt even taken seriously!!!! Like, that kinda hurts because im a kid i wanna express myself && to be told i can not..what is that? Like, serisouly...

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Comment by Kay Elizabeth on September 20, 2010 at 5:29am
I never said you couldn't express yourself, Courtlyn. I said and I quote "And please, leave the textspeak in the schoolyard. The majority are grownups here and professionals. It would be better to talk like them if you want your work to be taken seriously." Since you don't, I guess that doesn't matter. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, Courtlyn. That wasn't my intention at all. And I'm not the owner. Ask any of the kids that hang out here and they'll tell you I always do my best to help them. I was attempting to help you help yourself by getting your writing read and commented on. Textspeak tends not to be. Sorry it didn't come across as being well intentioned.


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