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Okay, once you read this comment && tell me what you think of it.

Okay theres this new guy in school you say HES CUTE! But everyone one around you is like "Oh let me ask him for you" you ONLY THINK HES CUTE. Theres a difference between LIKE && JUST CUTE. I barley know Chris so why would I just ask him out?? && now everyone told him I like him && I wanna go out with him WHEN I DONT but now he thinks I like him && I feel dumb becuzz when they did ask him he was goingi out with a enemy!!!!! Now she wants to fight my on Monday. && I promised soo many people I wouldnt fight again, But if she swings on me I have no chocie but to swing back! You see how on littel "HES CUTE" gose to "I LIKE HIM" which gose to "YOU WEANNA GO OUT" Then gose to "SOMEONE WANTS TO KILL ME ON MONDAY" I wish I was about 100 so I wouldnt have to deal with this crap!

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