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'Primordial Essences: Walking  with the Archetypes and Angels'

By Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

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Book Description

June 12, 2012
'Primordial Essences' offers an exploration of both  spiritual arts and the concept of creative synaesthesia. The prose is  challenging and unconventional, utilising an avant-garde eclectic approach. The  author is an energy healer with an interest in synaesthesia and the paranormal.  This eBook odyssey broaches the essence of spiritual graphic arts, with  reference links to the author's own visual art works, in context of an  interpersonal discussion on the nature of creative synaesthesia. The prose  structure is Surrealist in genre and juxtaposes theory with lucid prose  illustrations, hinting at the animated characters and creative inspirations of  the author's subconscious. The spiritual prose and art explores primal emotions,  quests of bravery, unrequited love and intimate personal challenges. This  experimental text is based on the dual conceptual themes of personal and  fictional odyssey. The author Stephanie Lynne writes on both popular music and  holistic health:  see 'Incendiary Soul' & 'Blues Scholars'.

*   'Primordial Essences' is dedicated to the International Natural Healers  Association and World Metaphysical Association, as a personal gesture on the free KDP platform, to raise awareness of the great work initiated by these original and inspiring natural  healing associations. See: and
Prose and cover art copyright Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.  Words: 5,000    Tags:  Creativity, spirituality, Surrealism, Jung, avant-garde,  primal art.

About the Author

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn is  freelance writer, artist and Reiki master with an interest in holistic health.  She writes content primarily focused on music and nascent areas of social  science, including Sociology, Parapsychology and Socioastronomy.
Over  time, Stephanie Lynne has authored a series of music and art related eBooks,  most notably 'Primordial Essences' a book on spiritual art &  creativity.  Her music books comprise 'Incendiary Soul', a succinct  biography of the Sales Brothers, best known for their work with David Bowie/  Iggy Pop and 'Blues Scholars', a compendium eBook of her features on  blues greats including Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton and John Lee Hooker. She edits her own avant-garde webzine 'Nuance'.


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