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'From Blues to Incendiary Soul'.


  Kindle Books by Author Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.



Author Stephanie Lynne Thorburn is a writer, artist and Reiki master.  During the course of summer 2012, a collection of the author's works have been diligently archived onto Amazon Kindle.  Stephanie Lynne's music and art ebooks are a labour of love and integrate information with creative passion and imagination.  This blog post offers an effective summary of Stephanie Lynne's eBook catalogue, with further additions expected by the autumn.  Information and relevant links as below. All Kindle texts offer connoisseur readers a true catalogue of Kindle delights!  Preview text available.

'Incendiary Soul:  A Biographical Homage to the Sales Brothers', by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

'Incendiary Soul' is a popular music eBook odyssey, exploring the Sales Brothers' repertoire that forms a soundtrack to modern life. The Sales Brothers have survived a diversity of musical incarnations and invariably collaborated in esteemed company since the inception of their careers. Having initially recorded with Todd Rundgren, they formed the rhythm section for Iggy Pop's legendary 'Lust for Life' album in 1977, recorded in Hansa Studio by the Berlin Wall. Over a decade later, the Sales Brothers established Tin Machine with David Bowie and virtuoso guitarist Reeves Gabrels. The Kindle enabled version of this biographical eBook presents an updated edition.

'Incendiary Soul' 2012 includes: In-depth artist interviews, biography, resume of Hunt & Tony Sales' quintessential soul album 'Hired Guns', discography, catalogue of features. An obituary to Hunt & Tonys' father Soupy Sales is placed at the base of the text and testimonial contributions from colleagues include personal reflections from Stooges guitarist James Williamson.

Text copyright Stephanie Lynne Thorburn 2012.

Amazon link:

*  'Incendiary Soul'  is currently discounted this summer as a simple personal gesture by the author to raise awareness of the great work undertaken by the Musicians Benevolent Fund for the musical community. 

'Blues Scholars:  Etudes on the Blues Greats', by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

Information on Blues Scholars Kindle edition:               

'Blues Scholars' contains a succinct compendium of vignette portfolio studies on the  blues greats by author Stephanie Lynne Thorburn. The collection of articles represents a true musicologist's labour of love and comprises in-depth biographical studies on artists including Robert Johnson & Eric Clapton, John Lee  Hooker, B.B. King and Etta James written between 2002-2012. The first chapter, 'Me and the Devil Blues' is focussed on Eric Clapton's 2004 tribute album to the enigmatic legacy of Robert Johnson 'Me and Mr. Johnson'.  There is also a detailed biographical chapter on John Lee Hooker titled 'The Boogie Chillen'; both chapters were originally published in Marc Roberty's Voodoo music newsletter and would otherwise now be out-of print.  

'Blues Scholars' is augmented by a generous interview with Cream lyricist Pete Brown on John Lee Hooker tribute, 'From Clarksdale to Heaven'; there are short, concise testimonial  contributions from author Harry Shapiro and musicians including Bill Wyman.

Foreword kindly dedicated by  Dr. David English, (ex-President RSO Records, Eric Clapton/ Bee Gees.)  

For summer 2012 Kindle edition, see 'Blues Scholars' compendium by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.  The text is currently discounted, preview available: - 

Amazon link:

'Primordial Essences:  Walking with the Archetypes and Angels', by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

'Primordial Essences' offers an exploration of both spiritual arts and the concept of creative synaesthesia. The prose is challenging and unconventional, utilising an avant-garde eclectic approach. The author is an energy healer with an interest in synaesthesia and the paranormal. This eBook odyssey broaches the essence of spiritual graphic arts, with reference links to the author's own visual art works, in context of an interpersonal discussion on the nature of creative synaesthesia. The prose structure is Surrealist in genre and juxtaposes theory with lucid prose illustrations, hinting at the animated characters and creative inspirations of the author's subconscious. The spiritual prose and art explores primal emotions, quests of bravery, unrequited love and intimate personal challenges. This experimental text is based on the dual conceptual themes of personal and fictional odyssey. The author Stephanie Lynne writes on both popular music and holistic health, especially energy healing.

Prose and cover art copyright Stephanie Lynne Thorburn. Tags:  Creativity, spirituality, Surrealism, Jung, avant-garde, primal art. 

Amazon Link:

*  Nb.  'Incendiary Soul' and 'Blues Scholars' are currently also available on the music educational website 'True Fire'.  

pdf versions of these eBooks are available under the author's True Fire profile.  See:

Author Biography:

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn is freelance writer, artist and Reiki master with an interest in holistic health. She writes features primarily focused on music and nascent areas of social science, including Sociology and Parapsychology. She holds an MA in Sociology: Qualitative Research from Goldsmiths College, London UK and has undertaken a range of vocational diplomas including Graphic Arts (UKCHT) and Parapsychology, with distinctions. She is a fellow of the Institute for Meridian Psychotherapy and Associated Complementary Therapies, (energy healing.)

Stephanie has freelanced extensively for press, especially Los Angeles Chronicle and She contributes to a selection of official music sites and journals including Blues Matters and Record Collector. She worked in an organisational role on the Executive Committee of the London Screenwriters' Workshop from 2002-2004. Stephanie has a keen interest in sports, including snooker and cricket.

Over time, Stephanie Lynne has authored a series of music related Kindle eBooks, notably 'Incendiary Soul', a succinct biography of the Sales Brothers and 'Blues Scholars', a compendium eBook of her features on blues greats including Robert Johnson and John Lee Hooker. In 2012, she re-published an updated edition of her biography of archetypal saxophonist Dick Heckstall-Smith on music educational website 'True Fire'. She edits her own avant-garde webzine 'Nuance'.  



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