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(Letter 9)   Lysa Linnet

Amidst all ends of the world, i am lonely,so lonely I feel,

 I feel dead though alive, world of the unknown now only known to me.

Sometimes, I even wonder and ask myself if im one of them,

Though im not, I feel im.  I am very stuck among the nine.

In a house I live to see darkness entirely except

 the time I get to see an electric stove where I make food

 just to keep going. I wonder if im ever going to go home and even know

my real parents. I wonder if I will be able to make

 love just like any other girl of my age. I feel-crippled

 knowing that all I have to do is make food for myself

 and sleep and never move out because I could be meal.

i know its easier to be part of them and one of them but part  of me says no,

I shouldn’t, I shouldn’t be evil but still it makes no sense,

 without being one them, im going to die hard, rot without seeing the sun once again.

But still, how can I be part of them, remain a teen for the rest of eternity?

I know, about school, anywhere, I study at home.

 I read and even do tests, but still for what, so I can die in this

large house, doomed without even light in it, I want to see

school, be in school, real school, I mean with teens of my age

 with real boyfriends and girlfriends. I want to know love

 and know hate. I don’t want to study them, in here

In this house no!

 I want to see life, I want to see pain, and I want to move and

 make no one uncomfortable,  I want to show love, and be

 showed love, I want to be me, I want life back to me.

Im not meant to be among the nine and live in NINE. I

 want home, real home, with father mother brother and sister.

                                                CAN SOMEONE HELP ME! PLEASE!!!


Letter 9 Lysa Linnet, who could she be, and what probably would she be doing in kingdom NINE if she claims human. All these wondered Humphrey living in the third kingdom. Apparently he has been so bored and needed some fun, some adventure but kingdom NINE can not be an appropriate idea or choice for every vampire in NINE is way faster, stronger, more intelligent compared to any other in the other 8 kingdoms. Kingdom NINE has the oldest vampires of their race. Humphrey couldn’t understand why and how an 8 year old girl turned to be the oldest vampire but that isn’t his concern now. He is after adventure, having fun and hunting for some human blood. Him being among the most unmerciful and most hungry in THREE, and with all the blood he has taken from humans, he is very strong, intelligent and very fast and thinks can handle anyone that comes his way. Being in kingdom 3 meant that you are way younger compared to those in kingdom 4 plus.                                                                    For along time now, he has been a good bad vampire, helping human hostages escape and suddenly sucking their blood out. He never lets his prey escape until he has sucked their blood out. He does remember a day when for the first time a Linnet escape from him at the age of 5. Since then he has been more thirsty than he was ever. The powerful blood, so fresh that he missed 12 years bacK, all run back to him as soon as he read the letter from victor and saw the name linnet. With all the determination in his hard face, he will complete what he started and have linnet’s blood descend down his throat with joyful pleasure.

Going from a less powerful kingdom to a more powerful kingdom isn’t easy but he didn’t care, he wanted her blood, its all he is thinking of. In an eye blink, he vanishes to haunt. Sooner had he left than Victor and Esmoon arrive at the very spot he has just left. Victor being a good trakker and having a better sense of humor touches the ground and knows where he is going but doesn’t understand why and the exact location he is going.    

‘Got anything?’

‘He is going to NINE’

‘ What? he’ll get himself killed, anywhere why’

‘That’s what we are going to find out’

They for a while pacing up and down. Then Esmoon stops, looks

‘What?’ victor asks

‘The letter’

‘The letter had nothing, only one of his preys asking for help’

‘Preciously my point, why would he go there when he knows that?’

‘I can’t figure that that out, even if there were 8 of them he wouldn’t ‘

‘Yeah, that’s true but then why?’

‘Cant really tell, the letter had a Linnet in-‘

‘Linnet? Like the one whom escaped from him 12years back’

‘Oh no!’

This is bad, within an eye blink, they vanished in thin air, off to rescue a friend. As they run, the question, runs their minds too, are they getting to him before they get to him or would they get to him before they got to him, they didn’t know but the only person, who could answer that question is Mara, the vampire witch medicant as she calls herself.

Suddenly, they stop together.

‘Who goes to see Mara’ victor asks

‘You go I’ll keep on, we will catch up’ says Esmoon

Its done victor turns while Esmoons continues……………


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Comment by Chuck Keyes (The Chuck!) on May 8, 2012 at 6:26pm

Very good!

The Chuck!

Comment by Ahmed Mukhtar on June 21, 2012 at 1:38pm

nice thoughts, great work, like it adina

Comment by adina araptay adna on August 31, 2012 at 5:43pm

thanx guys


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