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The long forgotten disease once again strikes the world and this time round, it’s more dangerous than ever and more selective than ever. It only strikes during winter which has forced massive migrations to non-winter areas of Africa and some of the safe parts of the Arab world.

Several universities around the world and the best medical professors, scientists, philosophers, and others have flown to the tropical forests of Congo to find the ZUNDE tree which is believed to contain the cure to the killer disease. Several students from all over the world both high school and university students are in the tropical forest to rescue an emergency. People globally contributed to the programme which is being carried out with the supervision of the UN. The local people say that, the great wizard long ago cursed the tree and whoever comes in search of it is most likely to get cursed as well and one who comes in contact with is it is likely to forever remain in the forest and never to be found.

Supernatural forces that have never before been seen or experienced on the planet occur in the forests and tire up half of the forest causing massive losses of both lives and property worth billions of dollars. UN and the United states do all the best to rescue what is left of whom went to the forests and the programme is indefinitely suspended. Several people were rescued alive which is a great achievement but many also died and their bodies were found. Some bodies were not found most notable is that of heir to the British kingdom, Princess Estelle, Senator Rough’s son Kevin Rough and internationally known scientists Okafor Richard, Tom Einstein and Said bin Abdullah.

3rd October is made a global public holiday to remember the heroes who died for a world cause. To cope up with the situation, a drug is developed in South Africa which has the capacity to make the body resistant to the disease for two days but the side effect of it is brain worm which is caused by the drugs. It becomes very dangerous when one takes these drugs for more than a month but it’s the only option at the moment.

In the forests, Kevin Rough wakes up but with him is an unconscious nude girl on top of him and around them are streams of lightening so bright and are stretched for almost 100 yards. He looks up and he is almost 20feet below the ground in a h*** so wide and huge.

Princess Estelle wakes up in a small nice wooded house and just besides her is a very small man about the height of her hips. She wants to stand and sit upright but she can’t, she has no strength at all. The man moves to give her some liquid in a small calabash. She tries to resist but cant. The small man speaks to her in a dialect she doesn’t understand and forces the liquid to her. She tries to move her legs but can’t because one is broken. The small man walks out and within three minutes comes 6 more men like him and a woman. A woman like her and can speak English not though good.

Back at home in London, Prince Collin cousin to Princess Estelle doesn’t believe she is dead and is making all necessary arrangements to head to the forests to look for her. Her sister Princess Rebecca is not happy about the sister’s death but happy for she is heir now to the throne and Prince Collin who she always loved is finally hers.

Since the UN suspended the programme, governments secretly have sent their people to the forests to find the ZUNDE tree. They include USA, Britain, South Africa, Russia, China, South Korea, Nigeria France, and Uganda among others. Different companies as well have sent to the forest their people. But the forest awaits for them and so does the curse stand, the locals have warned…

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