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I guess I'm the new kid on the block, all be it a 55 year old. I had my first murder mystery novel FULL CIRCLE published last September. Hopefully, the first of many. I'm looking forward to speaking with everyone, and looking at the depth of skills and expertise on board, I'm looking forward to learning a great deal more about writing.


Here's a brief sysnopsis of FULL CIRCLE -


Normandy 1946. In a remote village a young boy is left scarred by witnessing an act of horrific cruelty. Satanists destroy his innocence and set him on a path which plays out in decades later in London.
When Inspector John Wesley is handed a letter by private investigator David O’Hara, neither can foresee the sequence of events to follow, or the dangers they will face. Things then become personal for Wesley when a close friend disappears. A web of ongoing corruption and murder takes him half way across Europe where both colleagues and loved ones are endangered. With help from O’Hara, and the police throughout Europe, he pursues those responsible. The trail eventually leads back to Normandy, where it all began.
Having spent most of his working life in the police force, Wesley thought he had experienced everything there was to fear. That was, until he came face to face with the Devil.


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