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My third book was inspired to me by Warriors. Both books, mine and Erin Hunter's, are about feral cats. I based my story on basically 2 decade spilt from where I'm writing and where they left off. Here it is:





LEADER:                  Moonstar- silver tom with brown eyes; father of 5 kits.

DEPUTY:                  Mistyfur- pale silver she-cat with honey-gold eyes; Apprentice- Spottedpaw.

MEDICINE CAT:     Smallcloud- small, light gray tom with amber eyes; Apprentice- Mosswing.

WARRIORS:            Sandstorm- pale ginger she-cat with darker stripes and small spots and gold eyes; just became a warrior.

                                 Ashtail- dark gray she-cat with splotches of darker gray on her tail and blue eyes.

                                 Grayheart- brown tom with green eyes; likes to keep to himself; Apprentice- Hawkpaw; about to be a father.

                                 Oakheart- brown, fluffy tom with brown eyes; hopes to be Medicine Cat; Apprentice- Bramblepaw.

QUENNS:                Swiftfoot- youngest queen ever for Skyclan; tortoiseshell she-cat with a calming shade of amber in her eyes.

                                 Sandflower- young tabby she-cat with brown eyes; litter of 5 just came 2 moons ago.

KITS:                       Leafkit- tortoiseshell she-cat with brown eyes.

                                 Starkit- white tom with muddy yellow eyes.

                                 Blackkit- black tom with blue eyes.

                                 Silverkit- gray-and-white she-cat with gold eyes.

                                 Mousekit- dark gray she-cat with green eyes.

ELDERS:                 Mossbelly- once-pretty tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes; growing blind in left eye.

                                 Fuzzyfur- once-fuzzy, gray tom whose left eye is completely white and blind and the right eye is growing blind and is red.

APPRENTICES:     Spottedpaw- lovely tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes; half Skyclan and half Riverclan.

                                 Mossbelly- beautiful tan she-cat with green eyes; was trained as a warrior for 3 moons until the Medicine Cat Apprentice, Cinderpaw, died and filled her friend’s position.

                                 Hawkpaw- gray-and-white tom with golden eyes.

                                 Bramblepaw- tan tom with amber eyes.


LEADER:                Thornstar- dark brown tom with brown eyes; father of 2 kits; Apprentice- Crookedpaw.

DEPUTY:               Firepelt- a ginger tom with golden eyes; father of 3 kits.

MEDICINE CAT:  Runningshadow- a swift jet black she-cat with yellow eyes.

WARRIORS:         Dawnfire- a dark brown she-cat with red eyes; Apprentice- Redpaw.

                                Blueheart- blue-silver she-cat with sea green eyes; Apprentice- Flowerpaw.

                                Clawtail- gray tom with a tail that darkens and points sharply at the tip and blue eyes; Apprentice- Tanglepaw; father of 2 kits.

                                Wildshadow- jet black she-cat with blue green eyes; Apprentice- Loudpaw.

                                 Tigerfur- ginger tom with faint black stripes and yellow eyes.

QUEENS:                 Dustsayer- tan tabby she-cat with yellow eyes.

                                  Leopardclaw- golden tabby she-cat with black spots and amber eyes.

                                  Whitetail- black she-cat with a white tail and paws and brown eyes.

KITS:                        Jaykit- white tom with black eyes; Thornstar and Dustsayer’s kit.

                                  Snowkit- white she-cat with blue eyes; Thornstar and Dustsayer’s kit.

                                  Ravenkit- light black tom with brown eyes; Clawtail and Whitetail’s kit.

                                  Silverkit- silver she-cat with gray eyes; Clawtail and Whitetail’s kit.

                                  Lionkit- golden tabby tom with brown eyes; Firepelt and Leopardclaw’s kit.

                                  Cheetahkit- golden tabby with spots and brown eyes; Firepelt and Leopardclaw’s kit.

                                  Flamekit- handsome ginger tom with green eyes; Firepelt and Leopardclaw’s kit.

ELDERS:                 Rockface- brown tom whose face seems to have been smashed by a rock and has mud brown eyes.

APPRENTICES:      Crookedpaw- white tom with a twisted paw and green eyes.

                                  Redpaw- tortoiseshell tom with red-orange paws and golden eyes.

                                  Flowerpaw- tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes.

                                  Tanglepaw- black-and-white she-cat brown eyes; skillful at swiping and clawing foes swiftly.

                                   Loudpaw- white tom with black paws and blue eyes; can’t seem to be quiet.


LEADER:                  Icestar-white, bold she-cat with ice blue eyes.

DEPUTY:                  Clawface- brown tom with scars on his face from when he was a kit and has brown eyes; doesn’t snap at other cats because of this.

MEDICINE CAT:     Leaffire- handsome ginger tom with green eyes;father of 2 kits.

WARRIORS:             Speckletail- tortoiseshell she-cat with brown eyes and her tail is white with only black spots.

                                   Flyingclaw- ginger tom with brown eyes; is a skillful jumper; father of 2 kits.

                                   Crowpelt- sleek black she-cat with gray eyes; had kits but Fireclan needed warriors so she asked Mudface to take care of them for her.

QUEENS:                  Mudface- black she-cat with a brown face and eyes; is taking care of 2 litters.

KITS:                         Flarekit-beautiful ginger she-cat with green eyes; Leaffire and Mudface’s kit.

                                   Brownkit- brown tom with brown eyes; Leaffire and Mudface’s kit.

                                   Hawkkit- gray tom with blue eyes; Flyingclaw and Crowpelt’s kit.

                                   Featherkit- tabby she-cat with golden eyes; Flyingclaw and Crowpelt’s kit.


LEADER:                  Fallenstar- black tom with white speckles and red eyes; father of 3 kits.

DEPUTY:                  Hawkclaw- dark gray tom with blue eyes.

MEDICINE CAT:     Shortbreath- small brown tom with tan eyes; takes deep breaths between a couple of words.

WARRIORS:             Owlheart- brown-and-black she-cat with green eyes.

                                   Brokenclaw- tortoiseshell tom with a twisted paw and blue eyes; Apprentice- Deadpaw.

QUEENS:                  Rainwish- blue-silver she-cat with blue eyes.

KITS:                         Clawkit- jet black tom with gray eyes

                                   Brightkit- white she-cat with bright gold eyes

                                   Dawnkit- dark ginger she-cat with one blue eye and one red eye.

ELDERS:                   Icehead- black she-cat with a white head and ice blue eyes.

                                   Loudface- tabby tom with yellow eyes; loudest and most talkative elder.

                                   Mudtalon- brown tom with darker paws and brown eyes.

                                   Scarlegs- sleek black tom with amber eyes; legs are very scarred.

APPRENTICES:        Deadpaw- tabby tom with a twisted paw and amber eyes.


                                    Oreo- black-and-white tom who lives with Rocky- a kittypet.

                                    Rocky- gray-and-brown tom who lives with Oreo- a kittypet.

                                    Precious- pure white she-cat who wants to live with Oreo and Rocky- a kittypet.

                                   Boulder- brown tom who lives around the Twolegplace where Oreo, Rocky, and Precious live.

Oreo’s Perspective

          “Rocky.” I mew. “Rocky!” The brown and gray lump of fur in the bed beside me still moves up and down rhytmatically in sleep. I walk over. With my claws sheathed, I hit him in the head.

          He jumps up with surprise. “What is it? Oh. It’s you. That hurt.” He hissed.

          “It should have.” I mew with amusement. My ears perk as our housefolk start to say stuff to each other in their language. They come in and open a door. The rattling of our food sends Rocky padding over. I look at the housefolk that is feeding us today. It’s one of the kits. The oldest tom kit to be exact.

          “Come on, Oreo. Food is here.” Rocky mews.

          “I’ll be there after I say hi to Precious.”

          “Ok. Your loss.” He purrs and I walk out into my garden.

          “What loss? It’s more like a win with that food.” I mumble to myself. I jump onto my fence and look around at the other houses and make a mental way to Precious’s house. I jump down and my bell rings. The shout of my housefolk sends me on my way.

          I pass 5 housefolk who point at me as I race past. A white house with a pink window on the right side tells me I’m here. I walk to the fence and jump up. The golden flowers make Precious and her housefolk very noticeable.

          “Hi, Precious.” I purr.

          She looks over and her housefolk does the same. “Hi, Oreo. Where is Rocky?”

          “Having a good time eating our bland food.” I mew as I jump down. I know her housefolk as good as I know mine. I hear a rustling of paws on the other side of the fence. I turn and hiss, “You have to jump, Rocky.” One of Precious’s housefolk walk over and look over the fence, apparently surprised by my hiss.

          They open the door and Rocky comes flying in.

          “How did you even get out of our garden if you can’t get into this one?” I ask.

          “Our housefolk opened it so he could catch you and I ran out.” He hissed at me.

          “And lead him to me? I thought we were brothers.” I hiss back. I turn back to Precious and start to walk over. My ears swivel as I hear my housefolk. Instinctively, I crouch with my ears flat against my head. He comes over and picks me up, petting me. I purr and fall asleep on the way home.

          A thump on my head wakes me up. “Ha ha! I got you back!”

I swipe my paw at the face looming above me. “Ow!” He says as he flings his head away.

          I walk away and start to eat our food. Precious’s food is much better. That’s why I go to her house everyday. But this time, I got caught. It’s not the first time I’ve snuck away and got caught.

          A surprised shout of one of our housefolk startles me. It came from the smallest tom kit, Tom. He rushes over to Rocky. I crane my head as I try to see my brother. As Tom starts to move away, I can start to make out the shape of my brother on the floor. I race over.

          Rocky’s limp body tells me I went too far. Apparently, I clawed Rocky over his eyes and seeing the blood must have made him pass out. I didn’t kill him. He would have to lose a lot more blood to die.

          I drag him by the ear to our garden. As I hide him in a bush, I hear Tom telling Ken, the tom kit who fed us this morning, something. I have a feeling it was about Rocky. I look frantically around the garden for herbs. I finally found a poppy when Tom and Ken come outside.

          I quickly grab a dead poppy head and dash to a bush htat Rocky wasn’t in, in case they were following me. The sound of the fence door opening and closing tells me that they left to go look somewhere. Probably Precious’s house.

          I stick my head out and see nothing but plants. I run to Rocky’s bush and drag him to a new bush. I drop him and run back to get my poppy head. When I do, I pad back to the new bush.

          The scents of herbs I collected when I was out last time filled my body with a new kind of energy. I drop the poppy head and pad around my bush. I find cobwebs, my old poppy head, and other herbs. I push my old poppy head aside and put some herbs on his wounds. Then, I put the cobwebs on.

          Rocky’s eyes flicker. “Shh… Rocky, you can’t make a sound.” I mew quietly as he wakes up.

          “Where am I?” He hisses.

          “You’re in my den. Your wound is getting better, though.”

          “What wound?”

          “Just chew on this.” I say, giving him a poppy seed. “It will help with the pain.” He obviously can feel it but he wants to act tough. “I wish I didn’t have this bell. It gives me away. Can you switch me collars?” His collar doesn’t have a bell.

          “No. 1, our housefolk would notice and switch them back. 2, how are we supposed to? 3, you cut my face. And, 4, you got that bell because you run away and I don’t.” He says bitterly.

          “Fine. I won’t fix your face next time, if you’re going to hold a grudge about it.” I hiss. “You can leave now.”

          He hisses back before he leaves. I swipe as his tail vanishes among the branches.

          “And I won’t tell you when I’m leaving.” I meow quietly to myself. I crawl out the opening and slowly pad to the corner of the fence. I squeeze out a crack. An alley faces me now and I silently pad past Boulder’s dead enemies.

          Just ahead I can see Precious’s house. I dash over. “Oreo?” Precious mews. “Is that you?”

          “Yes, Precious. It’s me. Can I come in?” I mew to the pink window.

          “Sure. Wait a second.” She meows. I wait until I hear a click. Then I look up. “Come on in.”

           I jump into the window. “Home at last.”

          “I still can’t get how you, a kit about 5 moons old, can jump about 4 fox-lengths straight into the air and land perfectly on all four paws inside a window!” She yowls.

          “Probably it was a gift from my parents. Just like my stealth.” I purr proudly. “Can you come over to my house for once? I want to show you around. You know, you haven’t been anywhere but your house. You can’t stay cooped up for too long or you will get boring. Kind of like Rocky. What’s gotten into him?” I say, shaking my head.

          “Oreo, nothing is wrong with Rocky or me. I think you need some sleep. I’ll go to your house with you to make sure you go to sleep. Rocky, too. Now come on. Before my housefolk see you. They’ll send you home and keep me here. Jump out. I’ll meet you outside. I’m not jumping down. See ya!” She purrs as I jump. I stalk over to the fence and wait. I hear Precious purring good-byes to her housefolk, but I know that they just think she is purring.

          The flash of white flying over the fence catches me off guard. “Come on, Precious. Let’s go.” And we head on our way to my house.

Grayheart’s Perspective

          I crawl through the h*** into Skyclan’s camp. Cheers come from our fellow warriors. I have just returned from Highrocks with Sandpaw, well now she is Sandstorm, Mistyfur, Oakheart and his apprentice, Bramblepaw, and my apprentice, Hawkpaw. We left at sunhigh and returned at sunhigh 2 days later.

          “Hawkpaw, you and Bramblepaw should go and get some sleep.” I mew in his ear.

          “OK, Grayheart.” He says and pads over to Bramblepaw. They look at each other and race to the apprentice den. Hawkpaw squeezes in but Bramblepaw waits and stares at his mentor. Owlheart nods and Bramblepaw squeezes in after Hawkpaw.

          “He seems to always wait for his mentor’s word before he does anything.” Mistyfur whispers to me. I nod.

          “I’m going to check on Swiftfoot. I don’t want her to be worried about me.”

          “OK. See you later, Grayheart.”

          I start to pad over to the nursery but I’m stopped by the cats trying to ask me questions. Then I hear a voice. It’s Smallcloud. “Move aside. Move aside! I need Grayheart. Swiftfoot is kitting.”

          What? She is? I work my way through the crowd towards Smallcloud and he asks one more time for everybody to move and they do.


That also is a book with no name. Thanks for reading it! If you are wondering why it is small it is because I just started this book and paused on the others. But I'll get farther. Thanks for everything!

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Comment by Jordan Scherich on February 5, 2011 at 4:19am
If you see any mistakes, please point them out!
Comment by Betzy Crypt on February 5, 2011 at 7:09am
Oh just wanted to say, Warriors was a brilliant book series. lol Loved it. GO CATS! I adore fireclaw.


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