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My second book is one straight from my imagination. IT is also the only book with a name, Flare's Story. It is about wolves. Here it is:




          I was born a week ago into my family. My twin brother, Flame, is right next to me. It is night. I wake Flame up. I point towards the opening of the den. Flame stands up. We walk outside trying not to wake my family of fifteen. I walk by Peanut. He was the runt of his litter. He coughs as I walk by telling me he is awake. I whimper softly and he comes with us. Being the only she in the family is hard. That is why I take Peanut with me. I walk to a tree and wag my tail. I jump into the tree using my hind legs which Peanut say are the strongest he has ever seen. We don’t live with a pack like normal people of our kind do. And we didn’t start one either. I’m glad. No annoying hes except Flame and my other brothers will be around. And no annoying prissy shes either. Ha! My life would be unbearable to prissy shes. I see a bird and it flies away. I jump out of the tree and catch it in my mouth. As I am falling, Peanut is sitting on the top of the den watching Flame. Ugh. Why isn’t he watching me. I am Catching a bird out of mid air and what is Flame doing? He is just growling and attacking grass. I’d love to see him do this. As I am falling, I yip so Peanut looks. He laughs and watches me fall. Right before I hit the ground, I turn over and land perfectly on one paw. I spit the bird out like it was water coming out of a fresh spring. Peanut throws a rock at me and I bend down fast enough for it to hit Flame, who is behind me. Peanut laughs even more, when I sense mom is waking up. I grab Flame and run to Peanut. We act like we are asleep. Mom comes out. She glares at Peanut. He points to us, who are curled up next to him. I bet we look so cute. Mom grabs Flame and brings him inside. “She can stay out.” She says. I smile as mom goes back in. But when I look up, I see it is getting orange out here. Sunrise. I walk inside and wait until Peanut comes in. I curl up next him and go to sleep.

          When I wake up, everyone is awake except Flame. I walk outside and get the rock that hit Flame last night. I walk back in and drop it on his tail. He yelps. I jump on him and say, “Shhh… They are after us.” With this, Flame runs outside and into a tree. I laugh. He is so stupid.

          “Flame!” Mom yells at him. He falls over. I rush out, acting alarmed about what happened. “Flare what happened?” I act it out. “You woke him up?” I nod. “Oh, OK.” I walk over to Flame.

          “Soldier! What are you doing on the ground?” He gets up and I nod and walk away. I don’t like to talk a lot because whatever I am thinking, people don’t want to hear it. The only people I do talk to are dad, Peanut and Flame. The people in my family I can remember are Gino, a black he, Peanut, a pure silver he, dad, a tan he, mom, a snow white she, Blaze, a he with flaming pelt just like mine, and of course my twin brother, Flame, who has a orange pelt, but not flaming. The reason I say “flaming” is because when we run, our pelts look like they are flames. I have either never met the others, or I can’t remember their names. Blaze, Flame, and I are the only ones in the family with orangish pelts. Peanut and his evil twin are the only ones I’ve met so far with silver pelts. I can’t wait to see the others. I count in my head how many I have met. Seven. One each day of my life so far. Seven more to go. One more week until I have met everyone. Mom was first. Dad was second. Then Flame, Peanut, his twin, Gino and today Blaze. Flame has already seen Blaze, so I can’t wait to meet him.

          “Flare. Your honors.” My dad says.

          I walk over to dad and whisper in his ear, “Can everyone stand off to the side? Bowing?” He nods.

          “Everyone to the side and bow.” My dad commands. While they get into straight lines on the sides, I jump onto the den. When they are in straight lines, I sit as if I were bored and howl. It sounds strange to me. Mom never howls like this. Oh well. I keep howling until I hear a rustling sound and start to die down. There is an incoming flame! Blaze pops his head out of the grass and sees me. He chuckles at my form. “Great another one that thinks because I am a pup and a she, I am really fragile.” I think.

          “Hello Flare.” He bows. “Nice to meet a nice young pup.”

          “Nice to meet another wannabe.” I snap back.

          Gasps exceed in the crowd. “Thanks for noticing right away. It took your brother forever to figure it out.” He says, laughing. “Come on, time to spend the day with me.” He turns around. I guess getting ready for me to jump on his back and ride around. I jump onto his head and jump in front of him. I start leading the way. “Hey, little pup, you shouldn’t go off on your own like that.” He says.

          I turn around and growl. “You judging me, short stuff?” I ask. With this, he grabs me and runs into the woods.

          He puts me down and says, “Hey, don’t have to be rude.”

          “Who said I’m nice?” I say. He walks to a tree and slumps down. “You know just ‘cause I’m pup and a she doesn’t mean I can’t hunt.”

          “ I know you can hunt. All flames learn to hunt quickly by themselves early in life.”

          “Oh really? Could you do this?” I ask. I run to a tree and jump up to the tiniest branch and spot a swan in the tree next to me. I jump over to that tree spinning like a drill and bite its neck almost right off. When I was coming sown I jump off of the side of the tree and landed in front of Blaze on one paw.

          “I was about to say that each flame that is born here has a special ability. You have jumping. No one on Eartg can jump better than you can.”

          “What is your ability?”

          “I can’t show you here. But didn’t you notice that your faster than the others?”

          “Yes. Yes, I did.”

          “Well, all flames are built to kill. They have better strength, stamina, and speed. So you want to see my ability?” I nod. This time I do jump on his back. He runs at full speed and we are at a lake in seconds. Before I have time to look across the water, he pushes me off of him and jumps into the water. He dives down and in two seconds, he is back up with a mouthful of fish. He spits out the fish and I count 25.

          “Wow!” I say. “But you did get more experience than me.” I pause. “Wait. Did you show anyone else this?”

          “Well, yeah.” He looks down sadly. “A she named Ginger.”

          “Ginger?” He laughs and then quickly turns to tears.

          “Ginger was a she that one day was found by dad. She was told that she had to pick a mate. She picked me. I showed her my ability and she said ‘Bet you can’t fish an alligator.’ I said alligators weren’t around here. Then she asked for more fish. When I dove back down and came up, she was gone. I scented the air and followed her trail. I found her, though. I wish I didn’t have to figure out she was a black blood. The litter before Peanut’s was all remains next to her. She turned and blood was running down her muzzle.” He shivers. “If you ever see a black blood use your hind legs to save yourself, okay?”

          “Okay.” I say before I curl up right next to him. Right then I hear a rustle. I hide in Blaze’s fur, happy it is the same color as mine.

          “What are you doing here, Blaze? We banished you after you killed Ginger.”

          “I came back for a swim.”

          “With a she? Is she your mate? Let us see her.”

          “I don’t have a mate.’

          “Then who do you have? Dinner?” I look out from under Blaze. I see two flames circling Blaze.

          “Yes.” Blaze whispers to me. I jump off him and into the trees. I guess these are black bloods. When I get home I tell dad everything. Blaze comes running out of the grass. “Help!”

Chapter 2

          I watch dad, Blaze, Peanut, his twin, Gino, and people I can’t name fight the black bloods. It scares me to think about what happens next. I jump out and bite the first black blood in the neck. It backs up and my family bites it. I jump over to the other one. I claw its neck wide open. Then it rears up and I slip. He slams me to the ground. I bite his paw harder and harder until I notice his muzzle is getting closer. I don’t think anyone would have guessed what happened next. I growl. The wolf backs up a little. Now I know why my howl seemed strange. I wasn’t the only one making it. Blaze jumped and bit the wolf’s neck and misplaced its jaw.


Thanks for reading my book! Sorry, that I couldn't type more. Like I said I'm still in school and I'm writing down the stories in a notebook and then typing it. With that and all the blogging and Facebook it is hard finding time for other things.

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