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I'm almost there, The Universe Calls, has 51,000 words.  All I need is a; edit, rewrite, cover, format, proof read a copy, fix proof another copy, moments of doubt and I'm there.

In my sequel, like in the first book, the youth of the world are in charge of the planet.  Its eaiser to run the planet now 3/4 of the population has been killed by the invading aliens.  There are plenty of resources to go around but there is this Galactic war thing.  The front lines now crossed through Earth's solar system.

The youth adapt quickly.  Its tougher now defending Earth than it use to be going to a regular school but you could end up flying an Ancient Aderain Space fighter.  Considered one of the most deadlest weapons in the known universe.  That is if the Aderain Space fighter chooses you to be its captain.

Most Aderain space fighters are at least a thousand years old.  Born in a laboratory it lives its first twenty years as a house computer for any common family.  Then it moves to a military college where it learns tactics and how to fly.  When its deemed ready it is transfered into the ultimate, smooth egg shaped, space fighter with all the tricks to the trade and a little bit more.

The youngest Aderain space fighter is a thousand years old because thats when the Aderain home planet was taken by surprised by the invading Titans.  The only Aderain fighters that survived were the ones out of the solar system during the invasion.  The only good things to come out of the Aderain civilizations destruction was the Titans never got hold of the secrets of building the Aderain Space Fighter and the surviving Aderain fighters exist to destroy the Titans.

Award winning Scifi novel

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Comment by scribbler on June 30, 2011 at 6:19am

Matt, I am so impressed that you have all that inside your head! Honestly, I could never write sci-fi. I don't have enough imagination to create whole civilizations.

Where do you even begin?? I'm really curious about that.  Do you start with a character, or an ecosystem, or.... I don't know, see I'm stumped already LOL. If you could blog about that sometime I'd love to read it. :) 

Comment by Matt T. Schott on June 30, 2011 at 11:55am
Don't be impressed about me having the ability to keep another civilization in my head.  My head can only hold so much.  I've gave up the ability to tie my shoes, I often put my shirt on backwards and I've developed a twiched but I think I got that under control.  Thanks for the idea to blog about creating a civilization.  I'll start hacking out a blog about that today.  Its like eating an elephant, one bite at a time.  Thanks again for the comment


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