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the waves they crash on the shore of bleached white sand,

two lovers love and walk hand in hand,

all is well love flows like sweet honey,

the day it's bright but not too sunny,

in the midst are the trees stands a man,

his eyes red,he's been crying,

slowly inside he's been dieing,

he feels alone,like the only one,

on the perfect day for lovers he holds a gun,

he puts it up to his sweat drip head and in a pop,

oh no he's dead,

the lovers look but they see not a thing,

they enjoy there summer and no one finds him til late that spring,

who is this man that died alone,

on him they find a little note,

"i'm so alone,i tried so hard,but no one knows how long how far,

my name is wind,my heart is stone,

did anyone care if i was alone."

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