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Indian paintings have a very long folklore and antiquity in Indian art. The first Indian paintings that came into being and were widely known were rock paintings of antediluvian eras. Moreover, with the passage of time art has certainly transformed to a great extent.

Whether we look at cave art, Ajanta and Ellora murals and the miniature chefs-d'oeuvre of Mughal, Rajput and hill schools of traditional Indian art, India art has evolved over a long period. Indian artists have certainly created masterpieces that have left spectator awestruck and enthralled.

Through this post, we shall discuss in the detail about different type of Indian traditional paintings created by renowned artists.

Here we piece together a list of some of renowned artists who have created traditional Indian art immaculately:

Abanindranath Tagore-

Abanindranath Tagore, a nephew of Rabindranath Tagore, was born in the year 1871. He was one of the most distinguished artists of the Bengal school of painting and had been the foremost supporter of swadeshi ethics in the Indian art. The artist is also observed as a talented and expert writer. The painter tried to revolutionize Moghul and Rajput ethnicities in response to the rising impact of Western art which came along with the British Raj.

Abanindranath Tagore believed in the customary Indian practices of painting. His perspective existed in rebuffing the money-oriented art of the west and reoccurrence to the Indian traditional paintings. He was very much swayed by the Mughal School of painting along with Whistler's Aestheticism. In his later artwork, Abanindranath started incorporating Chinese and Japanese calligraphic ethnicities into his panache. The purpose behind this change was to create a unification of the contemporary pan-Asian imaginative practice and the communal features of Eastern mystical and creative philosophy.

Some of the Indian traditional paintings created by Abanindranath Tagore are-

  • Bharat Mata in 1905
  • Journey’s end in 1913
  • A moonlight music party in 1906
  • Asoka’s queen in 1910
  • Fairyland in 1913

Amrita Shergill-

Amrita Shergill, a renowned traditional Indian art painter, was born in 1913 in Budapest city of Hungary. The exquisiteness and profundity of Amrita Sher Gil's Indian traditional paintings has bagged her title and now she is popularly known as 'India's Frida Kahlo'.

The artist was one of the most prominent and talented Indian artists belonging to the pre-colonial period. She was the only youngest Asian artist to be designated as an Associate of the Grand Salon in Paris. The paintings of Amrita Shergil articulately demonstrate a noteworthy impact of the Western style of painting. In her artwork, she tries to reflect her deep desire and wisdom for colors. Moreover, her deep understanding in relation to Indian themes also comes across clearly in her work.

Some of the Indian traditional paintings created by Amrita Shergill are-

  • Three girls in 1935
  • Bride’s toilet in 1937
  • Hill women in 1935
  • Tribal women in 1938
  • Two elephants in 1940

F.N. Souza-

Francis Newton Souza was born in 1924, in Saligao a small town in Goa. He dealt with life’s harsh realities and agonies at very young age. Such happenings made him stronger from inside and instigated him to create his own forte in the world. Francis Newton Souza got himself enrolled into the Sir J.J. School of Art of Mumbai. However, later on he was expelled from the college on the grounds of contributing in the Quit India Movement. From then on, he set up Progressive Artist's Movement in 1947, together with other renowned Indian artists namely S.H. Raza, M.F, Hussain, K.H. Ara, etc.

The main themes covered in the traditional Indian art paintings mainly comprises of still life, landscape, nudes, representations of Christianity and many more. One of the most repetitive leitmotifs is that of the clashes in a man-woman relationship. Nevertheless, the subjects have been intentionally distorted and divulge an abandoned and convincing panache.

Some of the Indian traditional paintings created by Francis Newton Souza are –

  • Christ on Palm Sunday
  • Nude in Profile
  • Still life sewing machine
  • Manhattan Landscape
  • Erotic drawing

Jamini Roy-

Jamini Roy was one of the finest painters of the 20th century. In 1903, Jamini Roy enrolled himself in the Government School of Art and learnt art from Abanindranath Tagore.

The paintings of Jamini Roy mainly bring forth the inspiration of Bengal School behaviors. He also made some exceptional paintings that paved his way into the Post-Impressionist genre of landscapes and portraits. Many paintings portray the day to day life rural area of Bengal.

Some of the Indian traditional paintings created by Jamini Roy are–

  • Bengali woman
  • Cat and the lobster
  • Santhal Girl
  • Bride and two companions
  • Mother and child

In the essence, traditional India art will undoubtedly continue to intrigue both artists and art lovers even in the next coming so many years. If you are thinking of purchasing one such masterpiece of Indian traditional paintings, then browse through reputed online art gallery today.

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