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The decision to purchase paintings and artifacts for your home is a big one because what you decide will reflect your personality and your outlook.

I would recommend you to take a different stand and choose Indian artwork for your home this time. Why?

Because Indian art comprises a spectacular amalgamation of various civilizations and cultures that have been born, flourished, and demised here.

While there are religious works like Ganesha art, Shiva paintings, and sculptors of Kali, there are also abstract paintings from Husain, Gaitonde, and Souza.

India presents a wide range of artwork from which you can choose from.

Here are a few tips that would assist you and all the art lovers who want to select Indian artwork to adorn their home perfectly:

Start with the entrance

Your main entrance is where you want an artwork that not just looks appealing but also reflects positivity.

So, for this spot…i.e. at the entrance, I suggest putting up a big landscape painting at the inner wall of your entrance.

Indian traditional art has multiple forms that were created depicting the natural essence and mesmerizing shades of flora & fauna.

Some of these folk art forms are still available on the web.

Ganesha art would also be a perfect art piece for your home’s entrance.

Keep in mind to face the Ganesha painting or artifact inside your home and not towards the exterior.

Ganesha is the God of fortunes and is hence believed to bring prosperity and joy in the home.

The living room conundrum

The living room is generally the place in your home where you spend most of your time.

Even when guests arrive at your home, this room is used the most.

So, placing painting or artifact in this room might be appealing but the decision has to be perfect.

You don’t want to put artwork in the living room of your home that you can’t connect with.

I am saying this because a lot of people get influenced by others when on the quest to purchase artwork for their home.

Indian artwork, especially the traditional and the modern pieces are a treat for eyes.

The vivacious color compositions, the charming motifs, the captivating patterns, and the exquisite brush strokes of these artworks have the capability to elude any art lover.

For instance, if you love abstract art, choose any painting made by artists like Ram Kumar, M.F.Husain, V.S.Gaitonde, Tyeb Mehta, S.H.Raza, F.N.Souza, and so on.

These were the pioneer of modern art in India and their paintings are even sold in millions of dollars.

If you aren’t able to score their original artworks, you can order the digital print of these paintings at cheaper prices.

Along with this, if you want to place something historical in your living room, mural and miniature paintings from the 15th and 16th century would be an ideal choice.

These paintings narrate the antiquity of the rich culture that India holds within itself.

Contact any famous Indian art gallery and they would even provide you a customized version of your preferred artwork.

Let’s say you desire Ganesha artwork along with a touch of abstraction. These galleries will have such mesmerizing and exquisite works from artists who have infused traditional art with the modern style.

The bedroom

This is the place of your home where you relax and rejuvenates your body.

Placing a charming painting of Radha Krishna that sprinkles the aura of love and devotion makes a perfect choice for your bedroom.

In addition, you can also put some of the dazzling paintings of India like Madhubani style, which is an epitome of vibrant color combinations and peculiar designs.

Then there are Pattachitra, Pichwai, Rajasthani, and Pahari paintings that echo the tale of varied regions and their ethnicities.

Also, you can choose the paintings from Raja Ravi Varma’s collection. Varma is known as the father of modern Indian art.


So, you can choose religious stuff like Shiva, Rama, Krishna, Durga, Kali or Ganesha artworks.

Plus there are explicit and exquisite abstract and contemporary paintings from Indian artists that would further lift the ambiance of your home.

Check out any prominent Indian art gallery and choose the best for your home.


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