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Medusa's Medicine.


By: Author & Artist-

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.


Welcome friends to my Valentine week blog on! 

This post presents a vibrant celebration of Mother Earth- Earth is a fecund vessel for the fruition of abundance.  Stephanie Lynne. x


Kriya swan- Master symbol within Kriya spiritual arts.

S.L. Thorburn. x

Medusa's Medicine.

In so many profound senses, literally and allegorically, Gaia has offered us the opportunity of sentience.  The ore inspiring riches of nature are truly a form of 'Medusa's Medicine'! The intelligently woven design of nature is indeed seductive to the human senses. Through spiritual communion with nature, Medusa will never grow old or become ugly as foretold in the Greek allegory.  A love of nature can maintain harmony, inner beauty and purity. Nature medicine generates yin/ yang integration; may Medusa remain as mesmeric and stunning as Venus & Sophia...

- See Greek myth of: Medusa.


Yin/ Yang Eternal Beauty...

Venus & Sophia.

In spiritual allegorical form, Earth is consistently personified in female guise; fertility, is a kin to power and potency: Venus, Sophia- the eternal soul of Earth, knowledge, wisdom, beauty and organic majesty are signified...


My recent work developing the nascent 'Kriya Krishna' healing arts is captured

in this post in form of poetic verse and visual meditations.

I hope the notion of 'Medusa's Medicine' will represent a departure from cliched romantic fiction, presenting instead an ode to divine will healing- love from a sacred flame indeed, the originator.

- 'Vraisemblance' or spiritual truth expresses the ethos of my own Labour of Love bestselling books beautifully.





The Spiritual Existentialist.

Intelligent Design in Nature.

**Verse, excerpted from: -

+Kindle link: -

"Divine Harmonics: Kriya Krishna Healing Arts".

By Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.


The nuanced, spiritual existentialist.

Mastering Life- force energy- ‘Prana’.



Medusa- at peace.  'Gnosis' - the gorgons have left her scalp. 

She is healed in harmony within the garden of 'Eden'.  -S. Thorburn.


'Kriya Krishna Healing Arts' celebrate divine quintessence present in the innate fractal symmetry of nature.  Communing with the fingerprints and the vibration of spiritual quintessence itself nurtures the realisation of spiritual unity.

Kriya Krishna arts simply are a Renaissance discipline, re-kindling the fraternal, loving heart of humanity.

AUM Divine Vibration: The kinaesthetic connection.

AUM represents the residual vibration of divine presence in the universe, post the implosion of linear space-time- AUM is cosmic creative vibration.


Kriya Meditation is facilitated greatly through AUM resonance.  It is indeed a beautiful sheet of noise that bathes our spirit; gentle and resolute in substance – AUM possesses the complexion of milk.  ‘AUM’ spiritually soothes and nurtures fruition of our soul’s Karmic aura. Resonance with AUM offers directional guidance from the lineage of deity.

The Father, Son & Holy Ghost.


A Trinity in Tangible Guise!


AUM in substance is a beautifully amorphous, indeterminable ‘white noise’.  It is set to the background melody of the currency of vibrational healing that pervades our universe.  It is a primal gift from an omnipotent creator. 

AUM offers access to meditational technique; it is the sound of sentience and liberty.  AUM is the residual trace noise that intrudes into the vacuum of the ‘dimensional multi-verse,’ expressed through the mortal ecology of our human soul. 

Spear of Destiny?

AUM opens a portal toward a universe comprising imperceptible paradise – unscathed by human cognition. Effectively these auditory and vibrational stimuli under cast the sentient elements of our ‘known’ physical universe. AUM pervades the dimensional geometry beneath the veil suppressing human consciousness.”

Magnum Opus-

Excalibur's sword from 'Magna Carta Healing- Healing Sans Frontiers', By: S.L. Thorburn.


Blind faith?

Do not fear- Kriya Healing arts are not conventionally 'creationist'; the discipline allows for Pantheism, spiritual plurality or the rejection of formal religion.  Existential spirituality is certainly not 'bliss', but a necessary integration of juxtaposed metaphysical elements, forming a new -humanist pragmatic beginning.

Kriya arts are honed upon subjective self-realisation of the sentient being not false belief.  The ‘spark’ of spirit pervading sentience is a universal truth of authenticity- yet there could be a moral ecology to our very soul.

The subtle alignment of body, mind and spirit may be unique to our existence- let us live in the paradise of the eternal now, free from the Maya of delusion. Sentience is vraisemblance.


- **Excerpt from 'Divine Harmonics- Kriya Krishna Healing Arts'

S.L. Thorburn, December 2017.

 Twin Flame title with the ‘Existentialist Masters Spiritual Iconography Collection’. x

See Links: Stephanie Lynne: "Divine Harmonics".

Author's Kindle C.V. & books:

Rev. Dr. Stephanie Lynne Thorburn- Kindle Collection.



*All my Kindle books supports the loving humanitarian work of:

'Medecines Sans Frontieres'-

 *Recommended:  Rain Forest Foundation.

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