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earlier this month i celebrated a milestone in my life as a writer : i published my first poetry collection !

i can't recall precisely when or why i started to write poetry. what i remember though is a demanding period in my life during which i would publish demos of my compositions in various social networks, including this one, on a regular basis. usually, i would share them in blog posts using embedded players, and add a short presentation.

in the case of songs, i would also include the lyrics. for instrumentals, it seemed appropriate to write at least a few stanzas, typically inspired by the underlying theme of the compositions, or sometimes by their titles only. eventually i also published poems on their own, without music, whether inspired by the circumstances i was in, or to illustrate specific ideas, or in an attempt to convey specific messages, or to share wisdom gathered along the way, or to leave footprints behind.

the process i was involved in at the time led to a flash of understanding that still resonates in me to this day. that epiphany yielded a particular piece, to which i gave the title "understanding."

the poems gathered here, the milestones of that journey, are presented in their original chronological order of publication. some of them seem to need a few tweaks here and there, but i have resisted the urge to make adjustments.

my hope is that my journey to understanding will shed at least a little light on yours...

for more details including excepts, previews, and where to acquire the eBook, please visit the dedicated website :


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