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Dear Friends,


I want to take this opportunity to talk a little bit about my upcoming book - Essence Of My Existence: Poems to Acknowledge My Truth.

I have pledged to donate 25% of my royalty income to support Education and Healthcare projects of underdeveloped and developing countries of the world.

This is where I need your support and help to spread the word. As Braveheart Women Global Community says, please be "inspiration in action." You can let me know, if you have any creative ideas, how to promote the book. I will listen. Also, I will appreciate any feedback you may have.

Now, talking about the book, you might want to know what it is about and what critics and reviewers are saying about the book.

Here it is:
Is the essence of my existence real or it is a pale illusion? Who am I destined to be?

These are some of the questions that led Rajyeshwari Ghosh to explore the world “outside” and “within” her. On her own from the age of 18, she came from India to the USA as an Undergraduate International Student. The poet poignantly delivers an insight into her world as a non-resident alien in the United States; we view her growth through her pain, anguish, joy and laughter. Her quest to seek the "Ultimate Truth" led her to confront courageously some of the severe trials and tribulations of life. In this deeply reflective, heartwarming volume of poems, the poet explores the very fabric of her existence –whether it’s a pale illusion or authentic. She transcends her sufferings, as she harmonizes her life with the guidance from the Universe, and ultimately rejoices to find her bliss in her own existence. Through her graceful words, raw emotions, feelings and artistic presence, she makes a powerful connection with the universal humanity. Her poems will render joy, and an affirmation that adversities can be overcome and dreams can come true!


“She has bared her soul.” - from the Foreword by Dr. Sunrit Mullick (Harvard Divinity School)

“In spare yet profound, honestly introspective verse, Rajyeshwari Ghosh plumbs and analyzes her life experiences, feelings, thoughts, and meditations, exploring her own unique inner consciousness as well as connecting herself to all of us in our universal humanity. With her auspicious first published poetry she continues the rich tradition of great Bengali poets like Rabindranath Tagore in reaffirming the ancient wisdom of India while bravely seeking truth in the modern world.”

- Marvin McClendon, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics, Savannah College of Arts and Design, Georgia, USA.

“Congrats Rajyeshwari, your book, Essence of My Existence, is a priceless gem! It is so full of wisdom and truth and an absolute delight to nourish my Soul with as I read, reflect and relish its heart centered inspiration. Like your poem, A State of Meditation, it connects us with the very pulse of creation, the Source of Truth. Thank you for having the courage to share your gifts and wisdom.”

- Sean M. Kelly, Inspirational Speaker, Trainer, Musician & Author of Dare to Dream, Dublin, Ireland.

“Ghosh’s Essence of My Existence confronts the crisis of modernity with a spirit of calmness and moral clarity. She does not withdraw from the exigencies of everyday life, and it is precisely the reassuring and encouraging teaching of her poetry that allows the thoughtful reader to ponder his or her own ethical potentialities.”

- H. Lee. Cheek, Jr., Author of Political Philosophy and Cultural Renewal

“The Essence of My Existence by Rajyeshwari Ghosh seems to reflect all the colors of the rainbow. There is an interesting intensity and depth to Rajyeshwari's writing that is reminiscent of velvet, a material that changes in hue as the light shifts across its surface. It is Rajyeshwari's unfolding views of authentic life that makes this thought-provoking and sensitive collection of poetry worth reading over and over again."

- Lorraine Lee Rinker, Principal, Rinker and Associates, USA

“In Essence of My Existence I am reminded of a swirling of Khalil Gibran, Emily Dickinson and William Wordsworth but then brought back to the reality of 21st century life which Rajyeshwari Ghosh speaks magnificently with depth and conviction bringing peace and tranquility to the mind. Words that reach across cultures…a beauty of poetic wisdom.”

- Colin Ude-Lewis, Writer of Wisdom Notes, U.K.

“Although we are of different age and have had different paths through life, some of your poems mirror my own spiritual path. I was amazed to feel how your essence of existence is very similar to mine.”

- Bengt Wendel, Life Coach, Key Coaching, Helsingborg, Sweden.

“What strikes me most when I read this poetry debut by Rajyeshwari Ghosh is her courage and honesty. It is not easy to write about one’s failures in life; and it is even harder to not try to pin the fault on some poor scapegoat. I commend Rajyeshwari’s courage in facing her failures, looking them in the eye, and then rising from them stronger and with a renewed faith in her and in humanity. I wish her very best in her journey through life.”

- Sushmita Mukherjee, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Weill Medical College of Cornell University.

“Ms. Ghosh’s collection of poems touches a deep chord in the essence that is within us all, regardless of culture or belief or class or background. These intensely personal reflections run the gamut of human emotion, from longing for love to longing for God, from disillusionment and pain to joy and freedom. Ms. Ghosh must have drawn on her own diverse, cross-cultural travels and background in finance and academia as well as international politics and global leadership. The scope of the material is vast. Themes of human rights intersect with culture; all the world great spiritual traditions are touched on; coming of age yet longing for youth, for family, for identity cross cultures and across the life span. The struggle of the individual is juxtaposed with our shared universal struggle. So on the one hand, we may have poems of personal struggles in the mundane world for job and economic security, or love that rips at ones core. Yet, on the other hand, the poems strike at universal themes of human rights, wonderment at the mysteries of life, wonderment of the mysteries of death. By turns dark and light, the poems themselves form a journey, a meditation – filled with insight yet wrought with the struggle that is life. Ms. Ghosh has written a true gem, poems that will move and inspire and transform us all to see the universal truths in her existence and in the existence of each of us.”

- Gill Williams, Founder of MacroSun International, St. Louis, USA

If you like to read couple of poems from the book, here are these:

Poems from Essence of My Existence

The Connection

The fragrance of the newly blossomed flowers,
the chirping of the birds,
and the texture of the earth –
all remind me there is life.
There is a life to live and experience!
The blue sky is so magnificent,
and the ocean is so infinite
I feel like a tiny creature in this entire Universe!
How amazing this life is which unfolds itself
to something it is destined to be!
Just like a flower – it blooms, it graces the surrounding,
and spreads aroma - it is a joy to behold.
The sublime sensation that arose from the tone
of the sweet voice echoing from the distance
is a pure connection to the world within!

A State of Meditation

Oh What a Joy!
As I meditate and focus on my breath, I
Slowly calm down and feel rested.
As I rejuvenate
And restore,
I experience the ecstasy
Of absolute clarity.
All worries, anxieties, and stress leave,
And I am recharged and reconnected within!

Now, I am looking forward to hearing from you. I sincerely appreciate your patience to read this.

My Warm Wishes,

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Comment by scribbler on October 24, 2009 at 12:38am
You have some wonderful reviews there and your poems are beautiful Rajyeshwari. :) There's a Group here at you will want to join I think! :) It's to do with Marketing & Promotion. Other members have joined that have an interest in the same topic and if you add a discussion in there it would be sent to them all. You could start one and elaborate on what you've tried in terms of promotion, if anything, already. :)
Comment by Yvonne Swinger on July 23, 2010 at 2:18am
New Author Yvonne Swinger
Book "Lord Help Me In This Place - This Place Which Is My Heart"
Remember, conversational prayer begins within the heart.


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