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Intentionally relying on intentions

Remember intention relies on chance, not you

Addictive personality has driven me here

Wait, no, pause, right, straight, there

Warped perceptions are poisonous

Not much different in our lives

Just completely different in our realities

Different isn't always bad, I say

I am not saintly just seen this before

And now I want my money back

At least I have a sophisticated emptiness

One with a mid-aged Valiums shuffle

I watch the new depressed mom walk her infant

Wondering if she’s shy or just ignorant

Again here we go

Butterflies landing to rest on my privates

Too delicate to swat or squish away

Onlookers whispering the obvious

Why must everyone have intentions?

Maybe today mine will be to swat away

Swat beauty and grace like those cops did to me

All with utility belts and no clothing

Just color-coded jock straps

According to, and yes, intentions

At least well mannered while vulnerable

Our youth skip by in plastic sandals

Where toe tags tattoo their upcoming T.O.D.

I closed my laptop so sick and tired

Of Betty Boo avatars and rested to people watch

I thought of those avatars I've grown to love

Yet intentionally they will inevitably just disappear

I was already uneasy just coming from my dentist

Who has much pride in being an amateur porn star?

Intentionally I avoid as much mouth contact

As possible during our appointment scheduled affairs

As I walked into the restaurant, lunch was being served

Same old cliche, smoking or are you fun?

I am now so outnumbered I dare not say the truth

It never used to bother me, but now is my exit plan

Well my intentions are right here where I stand

No I not care for those who not follow the rules of debate

Anyways I had just enough coins to launder my turtle

That included soap and good intentions, the spin cycle, well….

Can you believe my tongue is still blue from lunch sausage?

I wonder, if you could give it all up, what would you do?

I have not motivations, only intentions

To buy into your lies here

Do I need a reason? Who you are or what you are?

My essence reads here, now, in this moment, why?

Because bloodshed for the first time was not enough

I want magical qualities called talent

I must provoke myself to be absurd and relevant

Challenge all rules and seek what’s in it for me

Is it that we are or what we do?

Influenced by the challenges of our time

Plays out inherently to our own song

In all emotions I feel my own intentions feeding

But my emotions are a matrix of thoughts from instinct

Intentionally relying on intentions

This is my war and your fatalities but I now know

Someone knew things would turn out this way

For intentions Define whom I am, and what I do

Am I a metaphor talking like a child? Making cross connections

Your inspiration cocoons intention

Inventing my own universe, Galaxies much to big

Let’s make an experiment and bring it to life

The only actions held sacred hold one’s with intention

Camera specs offer variations of intentions

Yet all truth is in every doubt, and this my friend

Tis what intentions are all about

Intentions relying intentionally I suppose

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Comment by william huff on June 15, 2012 at 2:18pm
You are magnificent.....

i know it's hard to see youself in the abstract, compared to your author peers, but know this, you are the equal of the masters, rare beyond rare...

you have a gift, an obligation to time itself to never waver, never slow down...dear god...never stop sharing what, for me, is one of my life's greatest gifts...befriending one of life's greatest writers...
Comment by kimberly gray on June 16, 2012 at 6:01am

thank you william, you are to kind


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