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Hey all!
I am sorry I've been away for a bit, but there is great news on the horizon. The rumors of my death have been highly exaggerated.
With the advent of the publication of Free Clinic, I found myself ecstatic by the simple virtue of knowing that I have a copywrite on my intellectual property and a place in the hallowed halls of the Library of Congress. And of course, the ubiquitous ISBN.
No buzz kill, here. However, one must think things out.
Well, here's how it can work.
Manuscript submission to major houses is a pain in the neck these days. Some want only e=format, some want only old-school four pound cost ya real paper. . .some just round file anything not handled by an agent.
And so, the agent. It takes time and fortitude to find the invisible beast, that mythical creature who will take your life's blood and send it up the food chain to the next editorial step. But it happens!
I know, because it has happened for me.
One can easily say that our industry is marginal and prone to whim and whimsy...our readers are neither marginal nor idiotic. . but the truth is in the story telling. A thousand words is worth more than its wieght in salt, so sayith The Bard.
When a story, well told, captures the imagination of the participants. . .well, good things occur.
I had an agent, mythical beastie, find me. Through sheer force of story telling, my story was heard. The agent likes it, now it goes pro, the next step.
Fear not, young writers of prose, poesy or fiction! If you have something to say, write on! The gabble will grow and your fan base will exponentially reward your effort.

Just Remember,
Stay good, clever and kind

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