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You know, when Kurt Vonnegut wrote his little-known essay about F***, I thought to myself: well, f***. It struck me. Not because of the words, but that a writer of his stature would consider the mind loosening use of such an expletive in context, punctuation and content. I would humbly suggest that those who profess to write, pay attention.
Kilgore Trout would have approved. Wide open beavers are best.
To the point: haste.
We writing machines need to pay close attention, hastily. Soon, the cyberspace environment will clone and sell us out of our rights’ minds. We will become sales chattel, subject to the functionary whims that conflict entirely with artistic mind that is fundamental to our craft.
write and write on. . .fear not the language. Fear most the corruption and conspiracy that precludes us from our success as thinkers and chroniclers of past, present and future.
As if it were a simple task. . .
write on and watch your backs, back-copies and back spaces!
Say good clever and kind. . .M

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