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Why dose he do this crap? Its like he wants to piss me off....Uggh Dont dump me then keep saying I love you. You dumped me like...what?...2dayz ago && What am I supose to be all dandy && fine nooo I been with you onn && of for like a year && you should know this stuff by now...Omg he ERKS. I love him like....NOTHIGN EVER BEFORE. But all he can do is break my heart. Oh && Your sick of it Kyle Im sick of it. You lie && cheat && alll types of bull && I try to be a good little prinsess but your just a seritfid A** h***....But...i love it...&& you dont know how FREGGIN hrad thses last 2 dayz have been I feellike shooting myself, I cant friggin sleep Like UUUGGGHHH! I say whatever & I dont care to cover up with I really feel...&& baby you dont wanna know what I really feel?!

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