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Now this is a way to start your day!

I'm helping a couple who say they've been shopping for a new range. After visiting three competitors they were still on the fence over which brand to purchase.

"The reviews I've read online are very negative about many brands I thought would be good for our kitchen remodel," the husband said.

I explained how I didn't take to heart online reviews because I'm familiar with the fact that competitors will create phony reviews to trash the competition. I know well and good it happens to me, too. I further explained how as the manager of my business unit, I did not receive many complaints for our products, and therefore the customer could rest assure whatever he chose would suit him fine.

This made sense to him. After all, why would I recommend products that created more work for me by failing to meet customer expectations? If I did that, I'd be spending most of my time writing reorders and left up to my ears in returns. I don't want any repeats of returns from my previous place of work, no thank you!

After explaining the features and benefits of one of our top-selling ranges, the couple moved forward with a purchase at my store. I asked if this was his first time visiting us, and he said, "Yes, my boss lives nearby and suggested I see your store because you have great stuff!"

Word of mouth goes far, so you can imagine how that made me feel.

Then the husband said, "Your employee told me you wrote a book about retail. My wife googled it on her phone right now and wants to buy it."

You can imagine how that made me feel.

Then the customer asked, "If we stop by with the book will you autograph it?"

Every author loves nothing more than to pen their name personally to their work. Of course, I said, "YES!"

Not only did I close a sale, but managed to impress a customer well enough to express interest in purchasing my book.

Now that would make a helluva day in anyone's book!


'Who's Minding the Store' can be ordered through you local book store or on amazon. I'd appreciate you sharing the word. As my employee said, "Word of mouth goes far these days!"

Thanks, Alma!


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