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To me, about existing definitions of Hell &   heavenly according to the philosophy of theology make me confused and   ridiculous to these concern personal and logically!

Due to their Imaginative descriptions without having   any visible & physical evident as their respective beauty and ugly!

Modern age & civilizations of human beings believe   and accept anything after seeing everything’s physical and logically!

Likely birth taking by any woman for their maternity   feeling pride fully can see and feel their pregnancy for their following   birth taking baby boy or girl tangibly and intangibly!

Afterward to be a widow mother of any woman has to be   seen the death sequence of her husband by suffering enormous painful   tragedies very truthfully but variable destiny!

So, who is that lucky or unlucky one has seen the   physical existence of Hell and Heaven in person visibly beyond the   description of any theologian according to philosophy of Theology rather than   descriptions of modern science & Technology?

Likely according to any theologian’s descriptions   regarding human birth and death no one knows the exact date of their   respective consequence reluctantly!

But modern Science & Technologies are able to   predict the perfect and nearby date of birth taking any baby boy and baby   girl from their conceiving date to delivery date finally!

Also can predict the perfect or nearby date of death   for any terminally ill patient as attacking by any deadly diseases Cancer and   others disease relevantly!

But very hopefully at present and future Doctors and   any Genetically Engineers can be predict & determine the perfect and   definite date of death for any human beings by test and culture their   respective DNA Structure scientifically!

If these above phenomena are evident and logically   truths then why shouldn’t the phenomena and descriptions of Hell and Heaven   by the philosophy of theology and all theologians must be matching the   phenomena of birth & death similarly?

Significantly, all the philosophies about the Hell   & Heavens are seemingly matching with the descriptions of any Fables and   Fairy Tales of Mythological story!

As my personal philosophy of hypothesis, I strongly   believed in Hell & Heavens in a very different ways as they are exists truthfully   by their lateral meaning   connotation   ally!

Hell & Heavens are some psychological feelings for   each and every human being in their earthly lives activities are relating   their good or bad feelings mentally!

So, Hell and Heavens are exists in this earth or here   not in the above or hereafter in our next lives deadly!

All human feelings as negative or positive are genesis   from their right brain hemispheres for their preconceived, present, and   foreseeable future certain and uncertainty!

Likely all human feelings as sad, pain, and delighting   mentality are exists in their brain to be feeling under their diaphragms left   sight mysteriously!

As an exampli glatia, let a very poor man earthly got a   lottery of 20 or 30 millions unexpectedly, will be delighting infinitely   according to his or her positive emotions enormously as a feelings of   heavenly!

Inversely, let a billionaire unexpected and very   regretfully got a deadly disease cancer terminally, will be sufferings from   all types’ drastically negative emotions as continuous pain, sad, and mental   miseries till his or her death penalty!

The death penalty of this billionaire is nothing but a   long time sufferers brutally as a Hell feelings  by a punishment of frequent dying before   the real death not to alive any longer in this earth to enjoy and see!

Therefore, there is no Hell and Heavens like a   mythological Tale in above or beneath the earth evidently rather these are   exists and having in human brain & minds for their circumstantial   negative or positive emotions feelings spiritually!






(N. B: This writing is one of my freelance writing not   to hurt any religions and religious person objectively or to be look down   upon to any community or any global society. All are my personal beliefs   according to my discretional use and foreseeable hypothetical perception.   Basically this writing is not written to motivate anyone towards my beliefs   and personal philosophy but just a little initiative to express my feelings   about these concerns. In spite of these if anyone get hurt then I apologize   to you.)












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