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Who goes to the land of the death and comes back alive? Who? And who has fought and defeated Death on many occasions? Anyone that had done these surely has the uncommon grace of God in his life and has been saved for a specific purpose on this realm.

This short story is about the man that went face-to-face with death and won. The story of a man who refused to give up his life even when he was written off by all that came in contact with him. He was meant to die, and die for real. No one had gone that far into the land of shadows and came back alive and complete.

It’s a story of faith and hope, uncommon grace and love, persistence and patience. You will learn how to stay alive in your internal and external wars even in the midst of them that writes you off as a failure.

Face to face with death will help you to develop trust in yourself; you will learn how to believe in yourself for others to also believe in you. It is a good short story for inspiration and spiritual growth.

In life you must pass the test before you give the testimony, and during the test many of your close friends and relations will try as much as possible to push you down, but after reading this book you will be able to gather inner strength to forge ahead even in the face of failure.

This book will help you to cross your desert grounds into your flowing streams.
Never give up your dream no matter the temptation and struggle, hold on to your dream and you will come alive to shame your detractors.




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Comment by Gloria Faye Brown Bates/Granny G on June 10, 2012 at 3:28am

You have been through so much.  I know how it is to come back from death, as well as my husband.  I am going to follow you, Mr. Passion Juddie.  Granny Gee/Gloria

Comment by JUDDIE PASSION on June 10, 2012 at 8:10am

Thanks Granny G. Accept my sympathy for your loss. Please Read my other book 'Saved by his Grace' and see how God delivered us from the open brain injury.


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