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Epic Marvels, Short Sci-fi Stories is dedicated to all the wonderful technical engineers throughout the world…


A world of sci-fi inventions for humans,
miracles imagined from wondrous visions.
Complex thoughts conjure up contraptions,
sparking a true wizard of detailed notions.

Technical maps of futuristic strangeness,
are perceived as manufacturing blueprints.
Prototypes are fabricated for analysis,
creating the first of numerous footprints.

With the pulses of electrical power,
or a simple manual stroke of a hand.
These wondrous devices lessen our labor,
thus freeing time for a life more grand.


From the imaginations of science fiction writers,

brings fourth fantastic innovations of futurisms.

What was perceived by science fiction storytellers,

has now been engineered into amazing realisms.


Within the past, our electronic eBook readers were only fantasized within the enchantment of science fiction stories.  


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