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'The Mysteries of Fuller Park'

by Chuck Keyes


          'The Mysteries of Fuller Park' is a sci-fi mystery novel associated with the Devil-worshiping urban legends about Fuller Park, and the small city of Athens, Texas. Follow the two main characters as they meet, rapidly fall in love, and set off on many fantastic hair-raising adventures. Police officer Morgan Blackstone and the mysterious American Indian, half-breed woman he found on New Year's Eve in the old abandon Fuller Park. Her name is Cheyenne White Cloud, and she's gorgeous, built with a fabulous sexy body that highly surpasses a number ten. Learn what's really buried under Athens, waiting for over ninety-five thousand years to rise up out of the earth and destroy the small Texas City.

          Science fiction at its best, from the author who gave you 'They!' and 'Epic Marvels', comes this imaginary captivating story filled with sizzling romance, mind-boggling mystery, and spine-tingling fear. Follow Morgan and Cheyenne's grandiose adventures to uncover the mysteries of Athen's urban legends. Learn why the Athens town folk from the mid eighteenth century worshiped the black arts, founded the town of Athens, Texas, and sacrificed hundreds of their virgin daughters upon an altar made of human bones. Experience the comedy, meet strange evil aliens, and a strange friend named Task, who's older than our universe.

          What you don't know about your quaint, small Texas city may kill you deader than dead!   



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Comment by Lori Ann Robinson on April 17, 2012 at 11:32pm

I actually grew up in Texas, so I'm excited to read this!


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