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On an Ordinary day, when the Townsend siblings go to school, they get caught up in the lives of four mysterious strangers. They decide to investigate the strange situation by using their magical ability that they were born with.  While the Townsends hide within the shadow of the mysterious teen’s shadows they get swept back in time to play a crucial role in an ancient confrontation between a race of beings that was believed to be only a myth. Now stuck in the past they face the greatest challenge of their lives, to save this dieing race and their family from extinction, and perhaps even the world. The Townsends & the Hayes teens must find the courage to do what they fear the most. They now stand united because of two diaries, a prophecy, and a Dragon legacy of blood and tears.

Hardcover 978-1-4560-6665-9

Softcover 978-1-4560-6664-2

. . I found this book an exciting read and couldn't put it down.  I enjoyed discovering the truth about the eight children and the Prophecy. Their journey was enthralling and I felt like I was also a part of the journey.  Five of five stars. I look forward to the sequel. 

            ~Reviewed by Ayisha Blevins~

. . I found both sets of Townsend and Hayes twins to be funny.  I enjoyed the various dialects assigned to the different races and clans that appeared throughout the story.  My favorite scene is where Nick learns that Sashi used him to arouse Jeremiah’s interest. I'm sure that the overall rating for the sequel will rate high.

          ~Reviewed by Cheryl From Ghostwriter Reviews ~

. . Dragon Tears: The Legacy  is a AWESOME book that balances adventure magic and plot perfectly.

          ~Young Adult Literary Reviews~

  . . Exactly the stuff magical masterpieces are made of. This book made me want to read for hours because it is so fantastic. Great for all ages.

         ~The Write Time Literary Reviews ~

. . . It's very rare, in this day and age of Harry Potter mania (and yes, I admit I'm a very devoted victim!) to find a fantasy story that can actually hold your attention. With Dragon Tears: The Legacy though, author Tabitha Pike manages to do just that from the very first page to the last. Not to mention, thank the Dragons, that there's already another book planned in the series.

         ~Goodread Reviews~

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