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Consciousness, Human Enigma & Parapsychology,’ by Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

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Resume of new Kindle text by Author Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

Consciousness studies and Parapsychology are domains that broach aspects of the unknown. They are evocative spheres, capturing the human imagination. Since childhood, author Stephanie Lynne Thorburn has been all consumed with curiosity for paranormal phenomena and has acquired a passion for Parapsychology and consciousness research. ‘Consciousness, Human Enigma and Parapsychology’ is mediated by humanist priorities and juxtaposes scientific concepts with psychoanalytic, cognitive and sociological elements when evaluating complex areas such as the spectrum of consciousness and near-to-death experiences.


This text attempts to integrate scientific and holistic approaches, offering a succinct overview on a range of key theoretical discussions, with the addition of intriguing research on hypnosis and the enhancement of ‘psi’. The author articulates a sociological viewpoint in connection to the challenges faced by Parapsychology in the 21st Century when considering the subject’s inherently scientific orientation. Chapter 2 reflects Stephanie Lynne’s own skills and interests in Reiki, Shamanic healing and hypnotherapy, adding a novel spiritual dimension.

Parapsychology is a fascinating interdisciplinary subject and the aim of this short Kindle book is to whet the reader’s appetite, presenting a brief vignette of some hotly debated topics, with the benefit of a broader, innovative contextual overview.


‘Psi’ and anomalous phenomena encompass

a Pandora’s Box of psychosocial research challenges. Overall, this text should appeal to a wide range of paranormal enthusiasts and educated readers in offering an introduction to some perplexing Parapsychology topics. The author discusses the promise of a productive future for Parapsychology via a gradual transformation of this still nascent sphere towards the establishment of a more cosmopolitan professional ethos. Detailed Parapsychology resources and reading recommendations are included.
The final chapter ‘Exopolitics & Abstract Truths’ reaches out towards new aspects of progressive research in Socioastronomy and Exopolitics in considering public perceptions of the multiverse, UFO’s and more tangible aspects of alternative discourses, including the Space Advocacy Movement. ‘Consciousness, Human Enigma & Parapsychology’ represents a fusion of personal, in-depth psychological and contextual prose on a range of enigmatic topics. This is a Volume One publication, with the potential of further work by the author for a series of bite- size eBooks titled, ‘Human Enigma and the Human Sciences’.

Words: 11,000. Text and illustrated cover image Copyright Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

Pictured:  Author Stephanie Lynne.


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