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Conscious Humility:  Earth Ethics.

Art & Prose- crafted with soul by:

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

+Art & Prose:  Copyright S. L.Thorburn 2018+


Symbols:  Kriya Swan,

spiritual enlightenment, self realisation.

Kundalini Butterfly-

Human potential, human tapestry.

The beauty of soul....


Earth ethics, personal ethics, freedom, wisdom.

Reciprocal exchange:  Creativity & The Minimum Wage.

Having recently founded Humanitarian Healing Webs, I have been penning some appropriate ethics to support the ethos of this new humanistic domain. I recently completed my Reiki Grand Master studies to 10 Degree.  Reiki Degree 7-8 explores the existential themes of the Great Freedom, Wisdom and Peace, attuning advanced  Practitioners to the practical wisdom of these eternal ideals.  I believe that the inner strength gifted to me upon the advent of my Reiki Grand Master attunements nurtured my conviction to found Humanitarian Healing Webs as a Labour of Love! 

Stephanie Lynne's collection of organic body, mind & spirit illustrated works:

Link: Stephanie Lynne Thorburn: 'Poetics of Spirit'.

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Reciprocal Exchange> An Ethical Minimum Wage.

Plenty of my published works are written in support of energy healing.... 

*Spiritual healing installs positive values, promoting the reciprocal exchange principle, so that Practitioners may earn what they need to sustain themselves....

Empowering Professionals:

There is imperfection in life; yet professional writers, artists & energy healers

should not endure poverty as a constant issue impeding progress in their career pathway...


The below ethics were originally conceived by me as an extension of Mikao Usui's seminal  code of ethics for Reiki Practitioners.  Usui Reiki is based upon simplicity, honesty and crucially the tolerance of imperfection in humanity.  I am an advocate of Reiki for a range of ethical/ epistemological reasons.  Humankind is reflexive, yet we remain too often intolerant of imperfection in oneself and others.  My father taught me that success in life is often measured not by the achievement of perfection, but by tolerance of the innately mutable, imperfect nature of the human condition.  Neither aesthetic or practical ideals are always possible to achieve.  Maturity, tolerance and an innermost content soul are great gifts! 

Below ethics, I have pasted some of my Reiki Grand Master notes.  One of my forthcoming works via Humanitarian Healing Webs will be to produce text to support fellow Reiki Masters. My Grand Master notes integrate Eastern & Western spiritual traditions. Further, the aim of my meditations is not purely to connect the practitioner with 'God consciousness', as consistent with the Yogic path to emancipation.  I believe that energy healing connects the practitioner with divine will in a healing partnership. 

Divine consciousness is moribund of ego- yet in humanistic therapy, we identify the essential needs of each individual soul as a human being.  Reiki healing allows for an individuated ego within the human psyche; albeit a humble one!  My meditations are Pantheistic, engaging the participant in a quest to reach out for the conscious mind of Gaia-   In truth, the sacred divine spirit pervades all the natural world and is integral to the human 'spark' of sentience.  My 'Gaia Gnostic' meditations are empathetic and egalitarian, offering a calming form of organic therapy to those irrespective of issues of faith.  Gaia's elemental consciousness is easy to relate to, as we are all participants in the natural world.



Earth Ethical Code: 

Humanitarian Healing.

By Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

“Just for today, I will believe I may be free of worry or pain.

Just for today, I will live with peace in my heart.

Today and always, I will live with the conviction that I may achieve wisdom through perseverance.

Today, I will defer to the wisdom of another.

Today, I will help a fellow soul to achieve freedom from burden.

From this day forward, I will make eternal peace and be at harmony with nature, with Gaia, with my own Akashic will, my soul destiny.....


I have understood that I am a living being of flesh and blood,

I will learn through my mistakes and imperfections,

I embrace problems as challenges;

Personal challenges are allied to the attainment of wholeness in my journey towards inner-peace & spiritual self-realisation,

I live, love & respect humanity!"


Nb. The Reiki Grand Master’s ethics I have authored, follow Mikao Usui’s recognition of the imperfection of humanity, and the importance of positive intent.


Traditional - Mikao Usui.
"For today only
anger not, worry not.
Be grateful and humble.
Do your work with appreciation.
Be kind to all beings".




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Reiki- Healing Humanity.


Traditional Usui Reiki is designed to acknowledge the imperfection and the need for conscious striving within the mortal human soul.  Grand Reiki Master Degrees are constructed as a human tapestry, with each degree comprising a thread contributed from the international Reiki community.  It is a courteous custom for the tapestry maker to include at least one fault in a design, to acknowledge the fallibility of the human hand- only the divine may be equated with perfection!


Grand Reiki Master Degrees contain formidable, focused energy addressing the ideal human thematic typologies of the Great Harmony, Separation, Freedom, Wisdom (gnosis) and Peace.  There are nonetheless flaws within the pedagogy of the Grand Master Degrees, curious anomalies; the emperor’s new clothes? 


In these Grand Master annotated notes, I have effectively sought to integrate perhaps the most disparate aspect of Reiki.  The separation of Eastern from Western philosophy renders the discipline an unfinished symphony.  When compiling these notes, I decided not to take the easy route of acceptance of the existing knowledge and information imparted to me.  This was not an easy decision; I am not inherently critical.  My observations are in fact inherently constructive and nurturant.  Emerging thus from Plato’s cave of insularity, the shadow self of Reiki transformed before my eyes as I channeled new symbols and gnostic insights, recognising the Platonic and anomalous existential core of energy healing medicine. My work draws out the uniqueness of the human condition, with the alignment of body, mind and spirit being unique to this awakening- our present incarnation...



It is the human hand that has ignited the sacred flames of Reiki.  Reiki contains veracity & truth- it simply is nature healing.  May my disciplinary contribution enrich the future success of Reiki as a professional domain of theory and practice.  The onus of my work re-integrates many of Mikao Usui’s original Buddhist concepts and values into the Grand Master’s palette, via a process of lateral thinking.



Grand Master’s Reiki Healing- 7 & 8 Degree-




The Great Freedom-


Wisdom- ‘Gnosis’- (Mantra- Kom).


The Great Peace-  (Mantra Anthahkarana).


Reiki GM Degrees assist in achievement of unity between the practitioner and the essence of ‘divine will’ healing. 

This process of obtaining spiritually enlightened Gnosis is assisted by bio-resonant visual symbols & meditations.




Resource Links:

International House of Reiki:

Excellent educational resource website.

Crossroads Centre, Antigua:

I have supported Eric Clapton's Crossroads Centre for many

years in relation to my charity work for Dr David English's initiatives.

Crossroads Clinic, Antigua assists those with addictive dependencies,

wishing to seek peace through integrated spiritual & humanistic therapies.


Uniting faith from the East & West,

focusing on the values of spiritual community:


Charity: -

Amazon, Smile:

Amazon Smile offers the opportunity of assisting a diverse

range of charities of one's own selection.

I notice that my own Universal Light Church are one listed organisation! x


                                                                                         Stephanie Lynne, Portfolio.

Featured Conservationist Organisation:

Bodhi Tree Foundation

Supporting ecological biodiversity.

*Stephanie is a post-graduate alumni of Goldsmiths University, London and a graduate Fellow of World Metaphysical Association. 



Rev. Dr. Stephanie Lynne Thorburn, Solstice 2018.

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