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                                       Written By: Pierce Gates



            In the first installment of this posting, I promised I’d return and tell, as they say, “the rest of


the story.” Well, here it is, though I fear not many will believe it. Some may think I’m simply


expressing “every man’s dream” here, while others, and especially my ex-wife, may be angered and


embarrassed by this disclosure. And before I say anything else, let me apologize, but initially I


believed all I needed to say concerning these matters could be said in two written pieces; I know


now that at least three will be necessary.


            And, as I said in that first discourse, after Becky left, I began to imagine myself actually living


a long time ago – back in the 1950’s. And I purchased a number of items then which reminded me of


that era. And some of them, such as my new (old) 1957 Chev, and my new (old) wardrobe weren’t


cheap! But I was careful not to let my new found obsession affect my job performance at work. Yet, I


did have a 1956 calendar hanging on my kitchen wall, and each day before I left for the factory, I’d


just stare at its only (the same one for each month) picture for a moment or two.


            And this picture, for whatever reason, featured a number of “1950ish” looking people merely


standing together as a group. And after I’d looked at that picture each morning for many days, I’m


sure you can imagine I became “familiar” with each person in it. Yet, two days ago, on Friday


morning, as I stared at that snapshot of people captured in time, I noticed there was another woman


standing in the portrait with them!


            But at work that day I experienced the usual “slow down” of my schedule which seemed to


inevitably occur on Friday afternoons. So, exercising a special, I suppose, “privilege” granted me by


my position as plant superintendent, I decided to make a non-work related phone call and contact


Ralph Hawk, the leader of our city’s newly established so-called “artistic enclave” of creatively


minded individuals. And luckily I made contact with him then. And now I’ll submit to you what, in


my estimation, was of substance from that call.


            After we’d exchanged some pleasantries, Ralph said this: “Pierce, be prepared for a shock


when you get home from work today. Your interest in this reality’s (Earth One) decade of the 1950’s


has piqued the interest of the masters of a particular parallel earthly reality (Young Earth) in which


Earth One’s 1950’s lifestyle is still practiced today. And the people of that reality never show signs of


aging as they grow older. But they do grow old and die there nonetheless, just as they do here.”


            And then he continued, “I’m sorry your marriage to Becky ended in divorce, but the masters


of Young Earth have suggested we offer you a chance to radically change your life. And if you choose


to take the action which will soon be offered you (which I suggest you do), rest assured that you’ll be


able to leave this reality with no regrets or ‘loose strings.’ And in your absence I’ll have our city’s


finest attorney, Jane Doer, handle your divorce proceedings, as well as, so to speak, ‘tie things


together’ for you and Becky. But now it’s time for me to say ‘Goodbye Pierce. Goodbye, and much


happiness to you. I think you’ve reached the end of a certain era of your life.’ ” And with that said, he


hung up the phone.


            Well, as I drove home from work that day, I was apprehensive of what I might or might not


find there. And indeed after I pulled into my driveway and got out of my car, I could tell someone was


in my house! But I fear I’ve reached the limits now of what can be disclosed at this time. I’m sorry,


but I guess a third installment of “Captured” will be necessary. 

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