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Written By:  Pierce Gates and Dana Gerous


                PIERCE GATES SPEAKS:  First of all, let me apologize for “dragging out” my answer to F.


John Surells “Capturings.” When I said I’d respond to that well-written piece, I had no idea my retort


would necessitate three submissions. And, probably I could, and perhaps should have posted it as


four. Nevertheless, I wish to end with three, and this third is quite long. And its authorship is shared


between myself and the greatest person I’ve ever known. But when I began writing “Captured” I had


no idea of what evidently had already been planned for me, or how those plans apparently formulated


by leaders of earthly realities other than my own, would radically (and hopefully permanently) change


my life! And I suppose at this time I must mention the fact that planet Earth has more than only our


“reality of existence” (Earth One) functioning upon it. And in his book “The Same Tapes,” a resident of


my city (Joseph Same) said there are actually fifty-four of those realities in existence. And sometimes


residents of some of Earth One’s sibling existences “intercede” in the affairs of realities other than those


in which they were born. That’s called “reality-crossover,” and God how it’s occurred in my life!


                And I want you to know that as I’m writing today, I can barely hold back my tears. Simply,


I’m afraid not many who read this will believe it! Yet, all that’s disclosed here is true – every word of


it. And, unlike the first two parts of “Captured,” which were written to you from my home along the


north shore of the river which intersects that cryptic city whose name can’t be divulged, but which


exists in that reality of the earth (Earth One) which no doubt all (or at least I’m guessing almost all) of


you reside, this third submission comes to you from my new home in the Young Earth reality. And


sitting next to me now is a lady who, I’m afraid, I’ll never be able to accurately describe to you. Her


name is Dana, and she’s taken me with her to her home here in Young Earth. She’s says she’s literally


the answer to my dreams, and believe me, so far it appears she is! And she owns a fine house here in


a fine city. And I’ve learned that the Young Earth reality contains but one all-encompassing nation;


it’s not divided into many as is Earth One.


                As you may recall, before I’d left work last Friday, I’d placed a call to the “de facto leader” (as


he calls himself) of the artistic community in which I’d been residing until recently. His name is


Ralph Hawk of course, and he strongly suggested I follow whatever instructions or “advice” I may be


given when I arrived home. This of course led me to believe I’d find someone in my house upon my


arrival home, but Ralph refused to confirm that. He just said “Pierce, I’d suggest you accept the offer


that’s going to be made you.” So, after work I left for home of course but was apprehensive of what I


might find there. And, in my driveway, as I exited my car, it became apparent to me that someone was


in my house! And as I entered the house, standing before me was the lady who only a few days ago I’d


noticed as a new member of the group of people featured in the portrait on my kitchen calendar! She’d


obviously somehow left that picture (a fact which I know will strain your ability to believe, yet, which a


quick glance at that calendar proved as true) and now stood directly before me in my living room!  


                And before I continue, I want to apologize again for the incredulousness of this very truthful


tale. And if anyone who reads it is offended by any part of it, let me say “I’m sorry,” but all I can (and


wish) to do concerning it, is simply relate it as it occurred.


                To be blunt, and perfectly candid, the woman who was standing in my living room that day


was the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen. Yet, with that said, she had a sort of “strangeness” (for


lack of a better word) about herself. And I’m not going to tell you her hair or eye colors, I’ll let them


to your imagination. But she was dressed as she had been on the calendar picture, and I immediately


perceived her appearance was no doubt indicative of all mortals who lived in the reality from which I


surmised she’d come.


                But before I could ask her name, she put a finger across her mouth as if to tell me she wished


me not to speak. She snapped her fingers then and immediately my television came on! And on the


screen were written these words “Welcome to the history of planet Earth as it’s portrayed in all fifty-


four of its realities.” Next, fifty four separate “boxes,” or choices which one could view appeared on the




                “My name is Dana Gerous” she said then – those were her first words to me. “Now we must


review the histories of each of our separate realities.” And we then proceeded to watch the progression


of events which had taken place over the millenniums in both Earth One and Young Earth. And it was so


painfully evident how much more vicious and war-loving Earth One was than Young Earth. In fact, I saw


no wars related during Young Earth’s portrayal! And after we’d watched those two histories of earthly


existence, Dana said this “Today Pierce you have a chance to become a very lucky man. The leaders of


my reality have been monitoring your life in Earth One for some time and have decided you deserve a


better “lot in life” than the one you’ve been granted here. And to shorten my story, they’ve “sent out”


both video and written synopses of your life to a number of let’s call us ‘eligible unmarried ladies of


Young Earth!” And we’ve viewed and reviewed those synopses, and now feel we’ve ‘come to know you’


somewhat. So, our superiors have now asked for volunteers to come here to your reality and attempt to


persuade you to become a permanent resident of ours, with the lady they’ve chosen as their


ambassador to hopefully also become your second wife.” And before I could yet utter a single word to


her, she snapped her fingers again, and the television then presented us with a portrayal of Dana and


myself dancing around my living room; something which became a reality when she walked over to me,


grasped me in her arms, and started moving with me around that room in response to the music being


put forth by the TV’s speakers.


And after I’d danced in her embrace a few seconds, I couldn’t help myself, I burst into tears and


cried like I probably hadn’t since I was a baby – or maybe I didn’t even cry like that then. And as we


moved about the room within each other’s arms, I sensed I’d lost control of my thought process. It


seemed now to be controlled by some sort of outside force. And suddenly it seemed as though Dana


embraced me even harder as apparently “planted” images began to enter my mind.


                And then the television began to broadcast those planted thoughts. And the first of them


featured images of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. And I saw then what must have been


literally a “heaven on earth.” And I saw those first humans within that paradise – so happy! But then


I saw Eve pick and bite into the fruit! I tried to stop her, but of course one’s mind and its thoughts and


reminiscences can never alter what has already occurred. And I won’t bother you with all I saw


thereafter. Suffice it to say that the next image was that of Cain slaying his brother Abel. And from


there on the images continued across the centuries, through all the misery, and all the wars, and all


else that’s plagued Earth One since the day it became one of Earth’s fifty-four realities. And for the


life of me, that day after I’d viewed all those portrayals of tragedy, I couldn’t understand how Earth


One had ever come to be considered the preeminent earthly reality.


                But after I’d viewed Earth One’s history of tumult, the music suddenly stopped, and Dana


released me from her grasp and said “Pierce, as lives in Earth One go, yours hasn’t been exceptionally


bad, though of course it could have been better. But your life changed forever the day Ralph Hawk


learned of your musical abilities and invited you to this city which is known for otherworldly


interventions. And of course you’ve not really pursued musicianship here, you’ve instead become


successful in industry. But you’re wife has left you; and yes, she did leave you for another man. Yet,


you have a chance today to leave behind a legacy of turmoil and setback, wherein your reality’s laws are


flaunted, mocked, and broken; and also wherein those who feel they need not contribute anything to


society but their presence in it, are now looked upon as its’ heroes.”


                And before I still had said a single word to her she continued, “Pierce, I’ve taken a chance


coming to you here as I have. As you know, I’ve come from a different reality of the earth. Life is


radically different where I live. And probably the most striking thing about my reality (Young Earth)


is that people do not age there beyond their thirtieth birthday. In other words, we never grow old in


appearance as people in your reality do. Nonetheless, our lifespan in earthly years is very similar to


Earth One’s. Therefore, since I actually could be old enough to be your mother, let me assure you now


that I’m your same age. And let me also assure you that I love you and wish to take you home with me


as my husband. So, Pierce Gates, will you marry me? If you will, I can assure you of the life and


lifestyle which are promised and promoted to newlyweds here in Earth One, but which of course


often do not transpire in this reality of the Earth. And I can also assure you of such employment in my


reality which will be equivalent to that which you’ll leave behind here.”                 “And in Young Earth a wedding


occurs when a man and woman promise they’ll love and cherish each other for the rest of their lives.


There are no elaborate ceremonies there. But after the vows have been exchanged, they must


immediately share with one another each other’s mind first, and then each other’s body secondly. So, I’ll


ask you formally this time ‘Will you marry me Pierre Gates?’” And the first word I ever said to Dana was




                But I want to tell you that before we left my house that day, we experienced what Dana


termed “melding of minds and bodies.” And the mental aspect of it occurred through a sort of


“meditation” in which Dana and I were somehow able to relive and “become part of” the entire life the


other had lived up until that point in time. And I know that’s a phenomenon which is impossible to


comprehend unless one has experienced it; yet, trust me, it’s real, and it happened to both of us that




And as far as the physical bonding of the two of us was concerned; well, I’ll have to be


careful here. I don’t want all the effort I’ve put into these disclosures to be wasted because they


ended on an X-rated note. Nonetheless, suffice it to say that I’d never experienced a sexual


encounter such as that before! And let me tell you that Dana is a very passionate woman – very


sensual – and very sexual! And when the experience was ended she said “That’s what you have to


look forward to the rest of your days!” And today I’m living one of those days here in Young Earth.


And I’m looking out the window and seeing only young people living an existence which is similar


to that which was known in my former reality some sixty years ago. And Dana is sitting here on the


couch with me. She’s just kissed me and told me she loves me. And she wants to know if we’ll start


a family in the future.


                DANA GEROUS SPEAKS:  Yes, everything Pierce has told you in this disclosure is true.


And I’ve taken him home to live with me here in Young Earth. And I’ve come to believe that my


native Young Earth reality features a lifestyle which approximates as closely as possible both the


innocent, yet sinful decade of Earth One’s 1950’s, as well as that mode of existence which was first


planned as “normal” for mankind, but which was altered by sin. Nonetheless, people do sin here in


Young Earth, and they grow old here, but they don’t age physically here.


                And I can tell you that Pierce and I have been very happy here during the few days we’ve


lived here. And I know we’ll continue in such a fashion. Yes, ours was a love at first sight. But it’s


also such a strong love! And maybe (though I can’t say this for certain) the people of Earth One,


due to all the chaos, wars, and wretchedness rampant there, simply won’t ever experience what


Pierce and I share here. And every time we’re held in each other’s embrace, I’m so thankful I was


chosen to have him.


                And I know that Pierce and I will continue to experience a perfect marriage here until as


Earth one’s marriage ceremony states, “death does us part.” But Pierce has already resumed work


here as a plant superintendent – the same job and title he held in Earth One. And he wants you to


know that at the close of each day he and I say a prayer of thankfulness to our Christian Master for


all we have, all we are today, and all we’ll surely someday become. And he’s also asked me to ask


all of you to pray for us. And he wants you to know we’ll do the same for you.


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