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I announced on Monday the release of 'Who's Minding the Store?' It's my 2nd published book and I'm particularly proud of this work because it's something many of us live. Here's a review by Jeff Edwards, author of The Seventh Angel'.


"Imagine the sexy hilarity of Richard Hooker's M*A*S*H, the complex political intrigue of a classic Russian novel, and the sheer wackiness of the British sitcom ARE YOU BEING SERVED? Now, imagine that all of this high-octane craziness is taking place in the strip mall right down the street from your house. David Lucero takes us on an uproarious tour of the American retail industry. You'll never look at your Home Improvement store the same way again."

     Jeff Edwards, Award-winning author of 'The Seventh Angel, and 'Sword of Shiva'


I'll be having a book launch in a local bookstore shortly. Until then, my book is available for readers on I welcome any reviews of my book on amazon and


Happy reading!



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