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The encapsulated opening of this poetry project is attached. This is a collaborative, so all comers are welcome.Big blue ball.wps

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Comment by scribbler on November 28, 2009 at 4:40am
What's a wps file Mark? I don't know what to use to open that. Is there anywhere online we can read it instead? I don't like attachments at all.
Comment by Mark A. Santomieri on November 28, 2009 at 6:09am
Hey, Scribbler. . .sorry if the attachment doesn't fly. How about I post two of my favorites, with the preamble:
The Big Blue Ball Project
It has been said, many times and in many languages, that we are the simple caretakers of our planet. I would like to have folks tell their poetic stories, the images and reminiscences about our world, our loves and losses and how we, as inhabitants of this big blue ball, must share the beauty, graces and surprises it offers.

The Big Blue Ball
The ocean breezes, smells of salt and sun
The sky so fair
Now upon my merely human knees I fall
And think
The myriad fishes and whales and dolphins and sand
Steer clear of the wastes they seem to demand
And so I wonder why
All of this plastic is there
Poisen to the seas, poisen to the air
And this may seem odd
But it makes absolute sense
That I can one day see our Earth
having her recompense.


An Ode To a Blade of Grass
Rich colors of greens and blues
white crystals dancing in harmony
reflecting the sky and shiny with
the morning dew.
O' fine blade, dost thou know
how much I wish
to not have to cut you?


And finally one of my real favorites. . .

A Swim In The Park
Hazy summer days, bold and brilliant and steamy
with love and light and joy thick in the air
and the heat!
A child jumps head first into the rabbit h***
and is refreshed
by the coolness of the chlorinated water.
Not quite a stream in the forest to her,
but close enough.
She dives deep
and emerges triumphant,
eyes bright,
glittering and glistening and a little bit red.
She shakes her hair out and smiles,
blinking away the water,
holding up a penny.

I must apologise to those who have contributed. The formats may not be transcribed exactly as intended.

I hope everyone has a story to tell.

Comment by Robert Edward Littlefield on November 30, 2009 at 4:27pm
A World Without Tears

Think of a world, a world without tears ... Rev. 7:14
Where a man can live for a thousand years .... Isa. 33:34
With never a grief, an ache or a pain ...
And never a thought of dying again ... Isa. 25:8

Think of a world where a man plants a vine ... Ps. 107:37
He can sit in it's shade and say 'This is mine'... Isa. 22:25
He will dwell in the house his own hands have made ... Isa. 65:21
And none shall molest him, or make him afraid ... Mic. 4:4

Think of world without bloodshed and strife ... Ps. 46:9
Where no man can take another man's wife ... Prov. 12:28
Where man everywhere will unite in peace ... Ps. 37:11
And malice and hatred forever will cease ... John 13:35

Think of a world as a green paradise ... Isa. 36:12
Where mountains and deserts will dazzle your eyes ... Isa. 53:12
With bountiful flowers, trees and skies ... Isa. 3: 1, 2
With animals, birds and gay butterflies ... Ps. 10: 24]

Think, just as sure, as God's word is truth ... John 17:17
A man will go back to the days of his youth ... Job 33:25
His flesh will become as the flesh of a child...
And the words that he speaks will be gentle and mild ... Matt. 5:5

Think of a world where a lame man will leap ... Isa. 35:6
Bounding for joy, like a deer or a sheep ...
Where none will be deaf and the blind ones will see ...
And dumb ones will speak and sing joyfully ... Isa. 35:6

Think of a world where men are all Brothers ... Matt. 23:8
Esteeming themselves not above any others ... Phil. 2:3
Where a man greets a man as a friend to a friend ... John 15:13-19
In a world without tears that will never end ... John 10:28

Think of a world where the dead will arise ... Jer. 31:17
From their silent tombs to a dream paradise ... John 11:23-26
To live forever in true peace and Love ... 1Cor. 16:14
And all will be cared for by the Great One above ... 1Pet. 5:6,7

Now a world without tears is not just a dream ... Heb. 6:10
To some, too good to be true it may seem ... Tit. 1:2
But just as sure, as God's word is true ... John 17:17
A world without tears now lies before you ... 2Pet. 3:13

So if these words have opened your eyes ... Luke 21:28
Would you like to live in Earth's Paradise .... Luke 23:43
To share all the blessings that God has in store ... 1Cor. 2:9
For all who would do His Will evermore ... Ps. 37:4

'Good News' of this Kingdom is still being sung . Rev. 14:6
Through out every nation and people and tongue ... Matt. 24:14
And all who are thirsting for Truth are invited ... Rev. 7:16,17
To accept this Good news, be warmly united ... Rev.7:9

In Praising our God, our Saviour and King ... Jer. 10:10
Who gives to us all, our life, everything ... Ps. 36:9
So that we might live through endless years ... John 6:51
In a world without sorrow. A world without tears ... Rev. 21:3, 4



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