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Being Polite Showing Manners

Some of us really do know how to be grateful,

loving and kind to those who shows us love

in so many different ways.  We acknowledge these individuals by letting them know how

thankful we are to them and that is really

a good thing to do.  But to those of us who

have somehow taken for granted and really

don't take the time out to let those who

deserve to be regonized for the good deeds

that they constantly perform not only for us

but others, that we appreciate their kindness,

should start showing nicer mannerisms.  

 The truth about being polite is just having manners and respecting one another.  We tend to forget some of the common everyday things

that we should do as a society to help enrich each of our lives here on this earth.  It is so pleasant and nice when someone is reminded

each day how grateful you are to them for

being so nice and kind to you.  It can be your

parents, your children, or any family member,

friends, relatives,  neighbors, classmates,

team-mates, etc. who have done something

really terrific to help enrich our lives and made

our living here on this earth better.  Being

grateful and expressing it really is necessary

sometimes to let the individuals who are

making these fantastic things enjoyable for

you know that you really do appreciate them.

It will enhance their lives also.  They will  feel

like you are grateful and care about their

feelings as well.  So let's continue to show

our manners by telling someone who does

something nice or a kind act towards us,

"Thank You" or "I am Grateful", either phase

will mean a Whole Lots.

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