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It has been a little while since I have been in here. Been busy with editing the second book in the trilogy  I also found that after writing the second book the title does not fit anymore so I am thinking really hard on changing it. But not sure if i can even do that since book one is already published. I don't want to confuse my readers. My Co-author told me if  we change the name now we are going to have to go back and change the first book as well. Which wouldn't be hard but expensive but if I do it would give me an opportunity to do a reedit on it. There was some things that after I had it published I thought of that would have been great to add to it. Only thing is that might be very expensive so I am not sure what to do at this point.

As far as book 2 things are going really well. I really like the way it is coming out. We are in the final stages of doing a final edit. And then it should be good to go. We also took a look at the story line for book 3. We have a pretty good idea and early outline laid out. I just finished doing the prologue and very very early draft of chapter 1.

Any thoughts on what I should do about changing the name or leaving it would be appreciated.

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