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I need some advice!!! So I am hoping that I came to the right spot. I found out that my publisher was ripping me off with not paying me for all of my books sold. Now I know what everyone would say...Drop them and find another one... well I wish it were that easy. I would love to do exactly that. However, I am in the middle of finishing book 2 in my Trilogy and Book 1 was published with this publisher. My question is, do I stay with the same company or do i publish the last 2 books with another? Will it look bad if the last two books are some place else. My dad told me that we might have to stay with them because it would make it easier for my readers to find all 3 of my books in their bookstore. But my friends are saying as long as people can pick them up through Amazon or Barnes and Noble or my own website and from me personally it should not matter.

I don't want to stay with a company that steals from me or one that I cannot trust and I surely DO NOT trust this company anymore. On the other hand I don't know how that looks to my audience with books by different publishing companies. My brother said to think of it like a musician when they change labels as long as the book is good and people like it then that should be all  that matters...not how many publishers you had.

Any one have opinion on the subject they would like to share that could help me with an answer. I would surely appreciate any advice...

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Comment by Alonna Williams on January 1, 2014 at 12:04am
I don't know if you'd be interested in this but I use; it is a self publishing site run by, it's completely free, but you share the royalties and you have to do your own marketing, but they're very good and I like them a lot. I hope that helps!


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