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Consider this; you have just finished your first book, you are so proud of your achievements and luckily you have found a small publisher to publish your work. Your’e excited and this is understandable and soon your excitement breeds a new dream. You dream that you will buy a new house with the proceeds that you will make, or perhaps a new car. You believe that when your book comes out, you will be rolling in the money, no more financial concerns, and you can pay your medical bills that have accrued over time.

These dreams are understandable, but unfortunately, they will often not come to fruition, and not because your book is not good enough, but because all those sales that you thought would come - won’t. Here’s why; your publishers won’t sell the book for you. Even though the publisher put it out there, gone are the days when publishers would throw Pr and money at selling titles. It is now up to the author to do most of the marketing themselves. The publisher will support you, but not with money or costs towards marketing, the support came when they thought your work was worth publishing.

The industry now widely accepts that authors will have to promote and sell their own books, while the publisher takes most of the profit, that’s just the nature of the beast. Its not all doom and gloom though, because Authors can sell vast numbers of their books through the internet, which is why most new Authors start off with the self-publishing business model. Ask yourself what are the most important tips for writers to self promote themselves?

The first thing is to establish a good website and make sure you consider your book marketing in the design and coding of the site. You should realize that you are not only selling your book, but you are selling yourself too, after all who better to sell the work than the individual who wrote it. Your website therefore is an ambassador for you and speaks volumes about your work. If it looks great you’re on your way - right? Wrong! If you can’t be found, you won’t sell Your website will be one of the most important things you do to sell your work and to sell yourself. The truth is that your website may look brilliant and have moving images and flash embedded, but you are no where in the top rankings within search results. Many writers do not even consider that a website should be built around the genre they write about and therefore just go for a fancy looking site with no marketing under the hood. They believe in the old saying “Build it and they will come,” but they can’t come if they can’t find you. Consider this, I want a book, I know what I like to read and you have written one of my favorite subjects. So let’s say I want a book about fly fishing in USA. I search for the keyword fly fishing in USA in books and you don’t show, but your competitors books do. That’s because you have not taken your book into consideration and added the appropriate keywords into your site. Sure, the cover looks great, but unless you are a well known author, you will find it difficult to get noticed. So before you jump into online forums, and promotion on social media. Think about getting your site right first time round. Don’t just get someone to design your site who has no real idea of modern and up to date Search Optimization Techniques that will get you, your site and your book noticed on the web. Don’t think for one minute that if your site looks cool, you will attract the readers and the sales, you won’t. No matter how flashy it is.

Search Engine Optimization - one of the ways forward Search Engine Optimization is one of the way’s forward for authors to get a head start on selling their books. The website can become a hangout for readers, a place to share more information and share important links. What you want is to have a website that is optimized using the latest seo strategies so that your site and your work will rank favorably with search engines. It is more important than ever to get it right, especially with the advent of ebooks and electronic ebook readers. Millions of people are searching and downloading books directly from websites and online stores. The upshot of all of this is that you have to consider your seo as part of your overall strategy for selling your books.

Research Its not all about keywords either and meta tags, sure its an important part of the seo process, but you also have to consider obtaining quality back-links that will ensure your site gets a vote from the site linking to you, which in turn results in better ranking in your search engine results page (SERPS). Research your competition and your keywords, then ensure that your site is coded well and has the relevant anchors in relation to your content. These are also other factors that help your website to rank well, therefore its safe to say that you do not have to just research for your book, but research for your site too. There are many web design companies that will design a tidy looking site and build all sorts of bells and whistles into it. The truth is that a great percentage of web designers do not know much about SEO practice. They will know a minimum amount to get the basics done but they also have little knowledge of the publishing industry that you have to compete in. It is important that your design and Search Engine Optimization works hand in hand as well as the research of your target market. If you would like any information on Web Design for authors or SEO for Writers. Authors Websites

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