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How to overcome writers block - part one

One of the most notorious things to knock a writers confidence is when they come up against the phenomena known as ‘writers block,’ and having experienced this myself - it stinks. This can make or break someone’s career as a writer because the more you fight against it, the more your succumb to its power to hold you.

The problem has to be faced head on, and before i get to the weapon you should use, allow me to poke fun at this crippling disease to a writer because i have seriously found the weapon to fight it. Writers block themselves - yes! you read correctly, you block yourselves. The reason you do this is because you ultimately put yourself under pressure - especially if you realize that you have a deadline looming or that you have normal every day issues to take you away from your keyboard or if you are a techno phobe - your pen and paper. The panic ultimately ensues and you find that you cannot string coherent sentences together in any form. When this occurs, you find that you create a kind of domino effect that gets you more and more uncomfortable and before you know it, your mind is fraught with frivolous images and worries that catapult you toward that feeling of failure. You can cure this, and you can enhance the power within yourself to begin the creative process with such fervor.

When i give you the answer, i don’t want you to poke fun at me, right! The answer is in the quiet within, and those of you that have dabbled in the waters of meditation will understand what i mean. My personal opinion is that meditation should be a part of the ritual for a writer. Not only will it clear your mind and help you to relax, it will be the catalyst to get the creative juices flowing again. It does not have to be hard either and can be integrated into your daily life without too much upset. I am not going to into the ins and outs of how to meditate but i will give you some tips here to help your writing. This is the same process that i use myself - even as a renowned medium.

  • If you are an early riser or even if you are not - take some time to get up a little earlier. Sit with your morning coffee or your tea and do nothing, just stare out of the window or sit near nature. Do not read, do absolutely nothing but enjoy the process of being mindful with your tea or your coffee. 
  • Allow your mind to be in the present moment and be thankful that you have this miracle of life and the opportunity that you have to share your creativity.
  • Become aware of the sounds of nature and contemplate on the miracle of life. 
  • If you are a seasoned meditator, you can begin with your own process of meditation. if not just sit in the quiet and contemplate on these simple things.

Your mind should now be clear enough and you should be in a relaxed state of mind to begin writing. You will find that you will be able to write effectively and that your flow will be natural.

This is just a short article to help you with your writing goals. I will be expanding on this with each article.

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