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 Authentic Sports, the Seven Pathways to Peak Performance, is a unique and self-empowering book about not only enhancing sports performance but more importantly, about recovering an experience of inner joy while playing sports.  At a deeper level, the book is about accessing the ultimate state of awareness, "the zone", or peak performance regardless of skill level. The book reveals 7 energy channels or pathways where energy can either flow or be blocked. It demonstrates that in our normal state of "ego centered consciousness" that peak performance is not possible.  It reveals that only by accessing a higher state of consciousness, which is referred to as "awareness centered consciousness", is it possible to put the "peak" in peak performance. The operation of "ego centered consciousness" in sports is but a microcosm of its operation in all of life. The same consciousness that is the source of suffering and conflict in sports is also responsible for the suffering and conflict between nations and peoples. Authentic  Sports offers great promise, not only for athletes but for all those who want to move the world's consciousness toward cooperation and harmony instead of struggle and conflict.

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