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Why Managers Should Not Play Favorites



Firstly, you’re opening yourself and the company you work for to get a nasty lawsuit!

Secondly, no one is worth losing the respect of your team.

I’ve seen managers play favorites time and again, and always for the wrong reasons. I remember a person who was consistently number 1 in sales. But that was the only thing he was good at. The person treated everyone around him poorly. He never said hi to anyone, or thanked them when they helped him with his sales (and he got plenty of help when he needed it), nor did he give anyone credit for helping him when he should have done so. He got into shouting arguments with fellow employees in the workplace and employees complained about him, but management looked the other way because the employee in question was the number 1 sales associate. They didn’t want to lose their bread and butter, so to speak.

I agree one has to take care of their top seller, but what about the rest of the team?

Do they not deserve the same TLC?

Managements’ lack of concern prevents the team from ever reaching its full potential. By looking the other way and not working to build a fun and happy place at work, no one comes to work with a positive attitude. They don’t talk to each other, they don’t offer to help each other, they don’t go the extra mile because they see no point in doing so, and yes, customers note this.

The joke is on the managers when they wonder why sales are down, nothing is getting done, and people can’t be counted on.

It’s their (managers) own damned fault!!!

By not taking the disruptive employee aside and explaining how their behavior is unacceptable and working against the much-needed synergy every store needs, the business unit will fail. The employee who got away with the most was so miserable to work with that fellow associates basically came to work for nothing more than a check. It was a job until something better came along, and something always better comes along sooner or later. And when it does, managers are left to wonder why their turnover is so high.

It’s because you’re not doing your job!!! You’re playing favorites!!! You’re taking care of 1 or 2 people you like (sometimes because of sales results, sometimes because you sleep with them, etc.), and coddling them when you should be sitting them down and explaining how you, him, and everyone need to work together in order to be successful.

Ever see the Three Musketeers? Do you wonder what they mean by all for one and one for all? If you don’t get it, you deserve whatever failure comes your way. And you will fail! Maybe not today, but somewhere down the line. And you’ll fall hard too! And you’ll find those people you coddled and allowed to get away with tardiness, inappropriate behavior, failing to follow the process, etc., won’t give a damn. That’s right! They aren’t your friends. They see managers as suckers who let them get away with what they got away with because you were too weak to do your job and maintain harmony in the workplace.

In ‘Who’s Minding the Store’ Derrick comes across quite a few prima donnas, and I believe he handles them the way most employees would like their managers to handle them. For some insight you can find my novel available on and select bookstores.

Happy reading and happy selling!


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