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I wrote this for a Fan site of Harry Potter. I didn't finish it because I joined the contest in the last 5 hours.
I told the contest holder that I didnt finish it but she accepted it because I was the only one that submitted a comedy bit. I won too!! lol By Default though!

I do not own Harry Potter nor its characters just plot. (lack of plot lol)

I walked down the halls of my marvelously great school of Wizardry and fancy stick work(aka Hexwarts) when I was tripped!!

"Holy Buckbeck!!" I screamed, as my books and scrolls flew from my hands, falling on my face! As I was trying to get up a huge ball of fiery redness jumped on me!! "Nuuu!!! I'm so sorry sun, I didn't mean to stare at you for so long!!" I wailed waving my hands and feet trying to fight off the redness.

"Ron! Ron RONALD!! Stop!!" A female voice screamed! “Get off of the poor girl!!" A pair of arms wrapped themselves around the sun named Ron and lugged it off of me. I scrambled up off the floor grabbing my stuff and turned wide eyed at the brown haired girl.

"I'm so sorry! My friend Ron," she pointed at what looked like now a really big red hairy dog which she had restrained with a leash, "was in Transfiguration class when our classmate Neville Longbottom had one of his spells backfire and hit my friend, and it turned him into a dog." she sighed sadly.

"His soo cute now that I don't think his the Sun coming after me!" I exclaimed scratching Ron's head. She stared at me confused. “Ha...ha, anyways my name is Melanie Thorn second year Gryffindor." I introduced myself putting out my hand for a shake.

"I'm...I'm Hermione Granger third year Gryffindor, and this is again Ron, Ron Weasley third year Gryffindor as well." She shook my hand. “I’ve heard of you!!!" I exclaimed. “You’re that really smart girl! Harry Potter's friend, right?"

"Yes I am."

"Can I ask you something?

"Why of course."



"If you're so smart why don't you just transfigure your friend back to normal?" I crossed my arms in a
disappointed manner.

A red blush crept up her face, her chin setting in a forced grin. "I would if I could, the counter spell has to be done by the caster! Some how that klutz of a wizard made it that difficult that not even the professor could undo it!!" She exasperatedly replied. "Besides Neville being a complete ditz in casting, Ron decided it would be a good idea to steal Neville's wand and go hide-bury whatever dogs do to be so bothersome! He even tried biting my poor Crankshanks..." she whimpered.

I started laughing dropping my stuff on the floor, my sides splitting from the laughter.

"It is not funny!!" she screamed at me.

"I'm sorry," I wiped the tears from my eyes. "that was just so cute! Hiding the wand, my dog would do that almost every weekend when my Uncle Fabrish would visit. You see he has a natural hate towards my uncle, we all believe it's because he stole my dog's Christmas leftovers from his doggy bowl. My Uncle had one too many sherries during the family party." I giggled.

Hermonie again looked at me strangely.

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Comment by Kay Elizabeth on September 26, 2010 at 4:31am
Ha! First, many congratulations on winning, Viviana! I have to show this to my husband, who's an enormous Harry Potter fan. He'll love it. You should keep working on that. :)
Comment by Viviana Arteaga on September 26, 2010 at 6:33am
YAY!! Thanks! I love Harry Potter! When the last movie comes out I'm gonna cry and my life for existence will end with it!!! Hahahaa! Just kidding but I will drastically sad because that will be the complete ending to it all! When I read the final book I screamed in despair because it was the end. But my sister reminded me of the movies and I was happy again!!! Lol I'm so dorkishly awesome like that!! lol
Comment by Viviana Arteaga on October 8, 2010 at 6:47am
Wrote more!!!


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