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Hi all.

I was wondering how any of you writers went about publishing. You see, I've been browsing the Publishing houses myself and getting frustrated. I don't want to self publish/publish on kindle. As snobby as it sounds and as much as I love my kindle, I wanna make it a physical book. Also, I can't afford an agent, and loads of publishing houses don't take unsolicited submissions (which is really annoying)


 I just wanna know, publishing for dummies. If you can help, that would be great!



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Comment by Julie S Ross on May 15, 2012 at 2:44am

Hello:  just to let you know if you would like to publish a physical book just check out createspace

Good luck!

Comment by Imogen Ilsabeth Laverick on May 15, 2012 at 8:58pm

Thanks, I'll take a look. Looking at agencies at the moment, still just toying with the idea at the moment whilst I edit again.

Comment by Jack Prendergast on May 23, 2012 at 3:42am

I think you should stick to your guns Imogen, and don't never, I mean never pay to have your stuff printed. There have to be sympathetic agents out there, but in my limited experience the promising ones will take forever to reply, even if they're inclined to bother. Something else I learned; another no-no with agents is multi-applying; apparently they all know each other and each will take it as a personal afront if they ain't the sole arbiters of your synop, book, whatever. What's a newbie writer to do? The big problem with kindle is you're gonna get buried in a vast pile of some great, to some maybe not so great, to outright crap books, and outside of spending big bucks on self-promo, then it's gonna break your heart seeing no one pick up your work and actually buy a copy. Grist to the mill, I suppose. Don't lose heart; we're in a tough business. Best join the rest of us and carry on methodically trawling the web for that one good agent that deals in your genre. (Gotta be one out there somewhere) and publishing houses? Fuggettabowdit.

Mucho good luck,




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