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Hi all! I have a huge favour to ask of any of you if you have some spare time on your hands.

I have written a book, and I'm in the final stages of editing for grammar mistakes etc. I realised that I want to carry on the series (the second book is in progress at the moment), and as Dead Night is set in the year 1899, I think going too far into the 1900's will kill the atmosphere. So basically, I need an opinion; it is possible for me to drag the entire timeline back ten or twenty years (so the first book takes place in the year 1879 or 89 instead), but would it work? If you have a while to kill, can you take a look at the book on my blog and let me know what you think please? It's ok if you havn't got THAT much time, I don't expect you to persevere in reading the entire thing on the internet if you're anything like I am! However, it would be really great to have an honest opinion from somebody. Here's my blog address again if you can:





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