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What Are Writers’ Groups and How Can You Benefit from Them?

Writers’ groups can be small informal groups that meet periodically at one of the author’s homes, or larger more formalized organizations that meet in public places such as the local library or a restaurant. The group may just sit around a coffee table and read each other’s work, or the group may have guest speakers and a formal agenda. In either case, the goal is to provide information and encouragement to advance writers’ careers, whether you are working on your first project or are an… Continue

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How to Self Publish A Book: Publishing, Printing, and Pricing

The publishing world is changing. It's becoming more difficult for first time authors to break in as fewer titles are published by the major publishing houses. Literary agents are reluctant to take on new authors and prefer to concentrate on authors who have been previously published with a successful track record. Are there any options for writers?

Yes. Self publishing is a viable option for many authors. Self publishing means the author has the control of and the responsibility for… Continue

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The Usage of Social Media Sites to Promote Yourself

When a book is in its final stages, the writer that is promoting the book on their own is faced with marketing strategies. Plans need to be thought out how to bring this newly published book to the masses, and one way of doing this that many writers are taking advantage of are the social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, DIGG, MySpace and others.

Twitter is one of the websites that has become extremely popular and is used not only by people that go there to read, but are also able… Continue

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Book Promotion and Marketing—Online & Offline

Writing a book is only part of having a successful book, whether it is a book that has been published by a large or small publishing company, a book that is a print on demand which the author is self publishing, or even if it is an electronic book. The other part of a successful book is the book promotion, this means the author will have book signings set up by an agent, or they will need to learn marketing skills for a self published book. Marketing skills are something that is needed even for… Continue

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