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Linda Nelson
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Books by Linda Nelson

Friends of Choice (Wings from Ashes: 1)


Karla trusts anyone who will befriend her. This is just the way she is. But should she really be so trustful?

Karla has lived in the same home since she was born, and has a fit when she learns that her parents have made the decision to move to a new town without consulting her. The school she is to attend, Brantwood High, is about three times the size of her old school, and it can hold many new opportunities for her. On her first day, Karla meets Carol Bower, who helps her find her way to class, and is introduced to Carol's clique of friends, including Gerry, the football captain of the varsity team. They invite Karla to a party. But first, she must convince her parents into letting her sleep over Carol's. In the end, Karla begins to suspect she is about to be a victim of hazing and starts having second thoughts about going to this party and hanging out with Carol and her friends.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.


I wrote this story mostly for myself as a way to release some emotions I was feeling at the time. This included a lot of fustration I was feeling from my own young adult children (Son & Daughter) who were making some wrong choices when it came to friendship.


Available in eBook, Paperback & Hardcover



Linda Nelson's Official Website

Road Salt (Wings from Ashes: 2)

Product Description:

There's nothing wrong with getting high, or so Carol and Karla thought, that is until Rod got high on Bath Salts.

Karla does not have a good relationship with her mother just like Carol. The two teen girls quickly become friends with two new boys on the block. They suggest taking a short vacation from parents and school and go on a road trip.

This trip quickly turns from being a fun time with friends and lovers to the worst time in their lives as they make their way across several states before it all falls apart. The mutual feeling about getting high begins to change for both Carol and Karla when Carol's boyfriend begins using Bath Salts. Their road trip goes to hell because of his usage of this new designer drug that neither of the girls have heard about.

Along Came Neil (Wings from Ashes: 3)

Product Description:

There's a new boy in town, and Ashley wants him badly. Will Karla steal her man too?

Karla Centon no longer is the newest student at Brantwood High. Since moving to Brantwood six months ago, her life had been going nowhere in the right direction until she meets Neil Allard, a handsome cheerful boy who wrestles his way into her heart. Karla takes an instant disliking to Neil because she thinks he’s not her type. However, what is her type? Is it tall skinny guys who wear baseball hats backwards and who happen to be bad boys or warm loveable funny guys who are more than just nice occasionally, like Neil?
Ashley likes Neil too, and her friend Maggie tries her best to keep Karla away from him. However, when Ashley starts making a big deal out of his wandering eyes, Neil doesn't like it. Karla is his friend, which is more than either of the other two girls can say. Karla begins to notice that Neil is actually rather incredible at heart. He may not have the body type she is attracted to, but his good-hearted nature attracts her instead. Finally, when Ashley throws one last tantrum at the dance over Karla, Neil has had enough. Who will really win Neil's heart?


Aaron & Keja (Orgarlan Saga: Book 1)

Product Description


Elven Sorcerer, Lord Ky'debaul has found
his magic powers waning. He devises a plan to restore these powers by killing a
silver dragon. This dragon is not just a silver dragon, it is a time dragon. But
in order for him to do this, he must send the dragon to another world where
there is no laws written against killing a Time Dragon. Here on Orgarlan,
killing a Time Dragon is a Death Sentence.
The Orc'sLeader, General Mashanga,
catches wind of Lord Ky'debauls plan and sends a party of three Orcs to follow
Lord Ky'debaul and the dragon to this other world. Once there, the Orcs begin to
track down the whereabouts of the elves and the Time Dragon.

The world
the elves have chased the dragon to is Aaron Gillian's world. Here she resides
with her friends, a dog named Keja, a cat named Chancy, Marshall who is the boy
next door and an old man named Jurgith.
Keja and Chancy have heard talk about
the woods of strange creatures being about. Little did they know they were in
for their great adventure.
Lord Ky'debaul captures Aaron, Marshall and
Jurgith when he learns of Aaron's ability to talk to the woodland creatures. He
believes she is the human spoken of in the prophecy written of in his world and
believes she will be able to help him capture the Time Dragon.
The Orcs too
have learned of Aaron's abliity. They decide to seek her out in hope she will
help them save the Time Dragon. They then discover she has been captured by Lord
Ky'debaul and must rescue her and her friends.
Who will succeed? Will Lord
Ky'debaul succeed in killing the Time Dragon or will the Orcs manage to twart
his plan?
Aaron & Keja: Time Dragon (Orgarlan Saga: Book 1) is available in most eBook formats. You can also buy this book in paperback at your local bookstore.
Witch Book (Orgarlan Saga: Book 2)
A couple of lesser demons play a game of Shell with a very special grimoire.
Darmin wants the book of Hestate but Monika inherited it. With this book she can destroy Lord Ky'debaul and take his castle and his throne.
Monika fears her Aunt Grecha is mortified by her failing the rite of passage with a binding cloth her cousin has switch on her. She leaves home in search of someone else who is willing to teach her how to use magic.
As time passes, Monika learns her Aunt has passed away and has left her estate behind to Monika’s care. The most important part of this estate is the secret magic book of Hestate, a book that has been handed down through the ages and left in the care of one of who will protect the book from being misused.
This is a stand alone sequel to Aaron & Keja and is available in most eBook formats.
The paperback edition is coming soon!

Comment Wall (4 comments)

At 12:00am on January 4, 2011, Kay Elizabeth said…
A warm welcome to you Linda. is a great place to be. Enjoy yourself! :)
At 6:33am on January 6, 2011, scribbler said…
Nice to meet you Linda. You’ve come to a good place to meet other writers. :) Welcome aboard. I’ll look forward to learning more about you and your book.
At 5:59pm on April 5, 2011, Lisa R.Brereton said…

Hi Linda,

Welcome, it is so nice to have you here among other Authors, your book looks like a really good read (where can I find it?) I am an Author of self-help guide books, and my first one is Titled: "How to...get to the heart of your teen" A personal guide for parents to re-connect and build better relationships with their teens. and one of my chapters is called" making and keeping friends, among other crucial issues that are teens face to day. if you would like to learn more about me and my books you can visit my website, then just click on my blog.

It would be nice to hear from you

please stay in touch

Lisa Brereton

At 9:38pm on April 5, 2011, Lisa R.Brereton said…

Hi Linda,

Thanks for getting back with me and for sharing that information. Have you written or plan on writing any other books?

Please stay in touch


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