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Jennifer Robins
  • Cleveland, Ohio
  • United States Minor Outlying Islands
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Murder Me Twice
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Nora Roberts

Meet Author Jennifer Robins

Cold Coffee Press Author Spotlight Interview With Author Jennifer Robins

Jennifer Robins took up writing about the paranormal after a long time in the business world. She attended Cuyahoga Community College in Ohio (TriC). Her interest in the unexplained we live with has taken her to some intense research of many intriguing subjects. These findings have inspired her to write the stories she puts into words for others to enjoy. She lives with her husband and a few wonderful pets. Jennifer spends time with her grown family, loves to write, paint in oils and play the piano.


What makes you proud to be a writer? The accomplishment and a promise to my dying daughter.

What, or who, inspired you to become a writer? A friend who told me I could never write a book. LOL.

When did you begin writing with the intention of being published? 1990

Did your environment or upbringing play a major role in your writing and why? Not really.

Do you come up with your title(s) before or after you write the manuscript(s)? Before

Why do you write in the genre(s) that you’ve chosen? Total interest and experiences of my own.

What has been your most rewarding experience while in the writing process? To know I was given a contract for my work.

What has been your most negative experience while in the writing process? Publishing scams I ran into. Some have cost me a lot of money. But I’ve learned.

What has been your most rewarding experience in your publishing journey? Great five star reviews.

What has been your most negative experience in your publishing journey? Working with an editor who went too far in trying to rewrite the MS. It gutted the book so much it had terrible reviews and I had to have the work canceled and my rights given back to me. I was new at the process of editing at the time but I know better now.

What one positive piece of advice would you give to other authors? Don’t let rejections get you down. They are only a part of writing. Keep going and don’t let anything discourage you. Learn everything you can about writing and study others who are best selling authors by reading their books.

Who is your favorite author and why? Nora Roberts. I like her style, 3rd person omniscient. I write this way also and find it easy to follow and more informative to the reader. Her books are exciting with romance and more often suspense.

Jennifer Robins’ Published Books:
Abuse Me No More
An Author's Nightmare
Careful What You Wish
Emily's Other Face
Ghostly Antiques
Ghostly Antiques II: The Ancient Egyptian Bowl
Mirror Mirror
Murder Me Twice
Outside That Door
Over The Mistletoe
Roads End
The Ghost Of Herbert Grezley
To Christmas With Love
Trick or Threat
Secret Visions
What Happened To Anna

What format(s) are your books in: Print Only - E-Book Only? Both

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us? Only that I love writing and work at it every day. I sometimes wake during the night with ideas, boot up the PC and there I hop on the key board.


Abuse Me No More - by Jennifer Robins

Brian never stopped loving her. He longed for her every day since she left. When he heard Kristina was coming back, he was anxious to see her, but wanted to wait until she got settled after the trauma of being abused so terribly by her husband, now her ex-husband. He knew about the damage Jason did to her face and didn't want to embarrass her by calling or going to see her to soon. When Kristina needed help to fix her clankedy old car, she had no choice, but to call on Brian who had a car repair garage. She knew he'd help her, but what she didn't know was how much more he'd do for her.


Cold Coffee Press Book Review For Abuse Me No More
by Jennifer Robins

Abuse Me No More - by Jennifer Robins is an intriguing story about a love that went terribly wrong and the ability to accept love again. Kristina, she is also called Kris is the main character who faces the challenge of recovering from a brutal attack inflicted on her by someone she loves.

Kristina struggles to move forward while living within the meager monthly disability income that she receives and a small schooling allowance granted to her by the state of Illinois under the Victim’s Law Act.

Life in Grover Falls is by no means easy as Kristina struggles for both physical and emotional healing. With multiple surgeries in her future, it seems her only comfort is knowing that Jason is incarcerated. She has to trust the justice system as memories haunt her.

When it seems that life will not give her a break and everything around her seems to be breaking down to the point of her roof leaking and her car is need of repairs, a man named Brian will gently give her the courage to look in the mirror again and risk loving and being loved.

Kristina draws her strength from her cat named Sissy and a painting on her wall that brings back precious childhood memories of her grandmother. It is her spiritual connection to her grandmother that enables her to find restoration and healing after the panic attacks. “Morning sun danced into the room, perching on her grandmother’s painting, illuminating it like a dim golden spotlight. The stream of water in the painting seemed to come alive flowing lazily to the bottom of the frame. She could almost feel the soft breeze through the trees and meadow in the background. Grandma made her paintings come alive in detail as if it were a video. She rested her head on the back of the sofa and felt the tranquil effect of a loved artistic hand.”

Is her faith strong enough to allow her to trust Brain and allow herself to love again? “Birds chirping outside the bedroom window announced the dawn of a new day.  Sun rising in the eastern horizon gave promise to a nice day. Brian stood by the side of the bed with his arms stretched up over his head, a wide yawn coming from his open mouth. The stream of light from the window shined on his strong half-naked body like a spotlight entering the stage. The muscles in his bare chest bulged as he tightened his biceps. She raised her head from the pillow to smile in delight at this wonderful figure standing before her.”

What will the future bring, what dark forces will try to hold her captive, how does abiding love bring resolution and do “dreams have a way of awakening one to life’s realities”.

Cold Coffee Press endorses ‘Abuse Me No More’ by Jennifer Robins as an example of one rising above a victim mentality to embrace life, love and even help from those who have passed on to the other side.

‘Abuse Me No More’ was given to us by the author in a PDF format for review. The review was completed on December 13, 2014. For more information please visit

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Jennifer Robins's Blog

The Roads Dead End by Jennifer Robins

Posted on July 4, 2015 at 11:06pm 0 Comments


The Roads Dead End by Jennifer Robins

Clark and his wife Ginger head out from their apartment in a suburb in Arizona for a week’s vacation to a resort in the desert. They expect to find…


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