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I am looking to publish my first novel with Createspace.  Can anyone give me an idea of timelines once the submission is complete?  For example, how long the editing process would take (using Createspace), the final review process (them to ship to me for review, etc.) and then until the book is actually published and available?  Thanks in advance!

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I didn't use their editing. I did that myself. My editor usually takes a couple months cause she likes to read through a project like 3 different times looking for different things each time. CreateSpace without their editor only took a few days and that's for both book and ebook. I was able to do them pretty much at the same time. You load and look it over right off the bat, and I advise you to look at every page. That part doesn't take all that long.

Wonderful...thanks so much for the reply Anna!

I know CreateSpace offers their own editing but I have no idea how long that takes.

Yes as it's my first novel I think that's my best option so I'm hoping the process doesn't take too long.

Be very careful. Never assume anyone else will take as much care with your first born as you would like. Be picky with every detail.

Hi Andrea/Anna

I have to agree, be very diligent and picky. Polish, polish and polish again. The hard work at the front end pays dividends down the line. I (now) always go through the editing/proofreading (not the same thing) one last time, after I think I am done. There is always something more to do to help your project shine.

I have not used CreateSpace editing system as I prefer to use a system I know. Good luck and have fun,

Anna L. Walls said:

Be very careful. Never assume anyone else will take as much care with your first born as you would like. Be picky with every detail.

There are programs out there, but you need to be very careful using them; don't lean on them too hard - they are, after all, only programs. But they might help you find particular weaknesses in your writing, like overusing a word, or passive sentences.

I can certainly understand thin resources. At this point, I'm leaning on book sales to pay for my next editing. One trick I've used is to have my computer read aloud to me. This helps me with coma placement, and it also finds those wonkey words that look right but are spelled, are pronounced, and mean something else entirely.

However, I go along with earlier recommendation, It's really, really, really important to get your work in front of a professional editor. The important thing about publishing is having a happy reader. A happy reader will tell others about your book and they will buy your next book. A soso reader will forget about you or worse yet, not finish your book.


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