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I've just got into self-publishing with my first book and I was curious to see what other people are doing for marketing.


Self-publishing companies don't really help much with the whole marketing thing. I mean yes, they give you promotional copies of the book, some business cards, bookmarks and such but as for actual PUSHING your title, they don't do much.


Right now, I'm on Facebook, Twitter, have my own website and have about...five or six people on the ground spreading the word. I'm not really seeing any results which is really disappointing. I've read a horde of marketing plans, tips and tricks for web-marketing and have attempted a few but I'm not seeing results.


Basically, I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to how to market either online or offline and what has worked best for them.

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Sounds like you're doing the same thing I am. Keep plugging at it. I've been working on it for a year now. It's a long slow haul, but baby steps though they may be, they are each and every one of them accomplishing something.
Dairenna, have you thought about doing a book trailer? I wrote about this recently here and also explained about virtual book tours in the same thread. You might consider those as options.
...which is to say that self-publishing companies do about the same as "traditional" publishers.

What are "indie conventions" in my area?

Drue "Dee" MIller

Good for you. Keep up the good work.

Norma Padro said:

Hello. I don't know if my book sales come from any of these sources of networking sites. All I know is that I like interacting online in many communities. I answer posts. I write articles and have two blogs. I don't tell anyone about my books, because my information is already on my profile. I don't use anonymous names on groups, because I'm an author and if anyone places my name on the search engines they will learn that I'm an author. I stay away from gossip areas where there will be angry people and don't answer to angry comments either. Keeping a clean cyber profile on the internet is very important. Sales are unpredictable I don't know how people learned about my books, but they are reading them. My blogs are also exposed to people worldwide. My blogs keep track of the visits and they seem to be worldwide. Let's say I'm enjoying the exposure. I'm very grateful for this. 


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