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Life we breath, heart beats in sync
I can feel, only what is real
Your touch, relieves pain in such a way
Maybe there is a brighter day?
For now wish only for you to stay
Just laying by my side, applied life in my lifeless soul
Warmth melting the cold,molding a new me
Which is free, no longer to be  imprisoned
See vision of life, in our endless nights
Only to be remembered, in my December

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Just laying by my side, applied life in my lifeless soul

This is a wonderful line. Actually the entire poem is beautiful; it holds such reverence love. You don't find this to often but when you do you become more, better, in a deeper way. Loved this write. Thanks for sharing this with us.

@Tabitha Thx glad you enjoyed it.

Powerful!!! I would try to stay away from the ( to be ) phazes. And I think you were trying to say in the first line we breathe. Forth sentence down has a (?) mark, not needed, it's a statement, not a question...

@robert. Thanks, yes very powerful. But 4th line, I did mean it as a question, like I was asking either all the readers or her, is there really a brighter day? And guess first line was worded weird, but meant, together we breath LIFE,lol not just breath. But thanks for advice,these are all rough drafts.


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