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You spent a lot of time and energy on your book–your labor of love. You even had it professionally edited. But, often hidden reasons don’t surface, or you are simply unaware of your actions and attitude that stop your book’s success.

Here’s 10 reasons why your book is not “Over-the-Top” successful.


1. You don’t specifically define what you want your profits to do for you.

Does it mean taking a month’s vacation each year, buying a home, paying your child’s college tuition? Be sure you know what your money target is and what it will do for you before you chase it. It’s all important to have a goal beyond just the money. Money is just the means to the real life goals.


2. You shotgun your promotion efforts and don’t focus on one or two books.

So many times I hear colleagues adding another book, CD, or other product to their offerings. Just remember, you can only market one thing at a time well. Presenting too many products and making too many offers confuses your would-be buyer.

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That's 2...


I was eager to read the rest of your article but, when I clicked on the link, it took me to the wrong place.


I don't know what was in the real article, although I can add something to it.  Timing is everything!  There are certain things that need to happen at specific times before, at, and after actually publishing.  Like having marketing in place prior to the launch, prepping people with the information of the release date, press releases after release, and adding some way and a reason for your readers to stay in touch with you within the book. 

Hi Everyone.

I'm Nolah Reed, newcomer to Would like the opportunity to join this group, learn and share with all of you.

I found this article, which I was reading with interest, but the link dead-ended after number 2 strategy.

Would like to read more....




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