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Hello fellow writers!

My author website is at:

It may seem scary to take your best book (Edited) of course and put it on the web for the world to see. But it can be done.

Rule #1 Make sure you have edited your book until you are blue in the face. Then find someone else you trust to edit again. Grammar is just as deadly to an author as typo's and punctuation.

Rule #2 Look on the web for author websites and find a website that looks nice and that your web tech could use as an example layout so you know ahead of time what it should look like when finished.

Rule #3 Set up a PayPal account so customers can buy your eBook easily.

Rule #4 Decide whether you want to sell your Book on Amazon. It's not hard.

Those are my suggestions.

I hope I have been helpful to someone.


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Good advice


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